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Ranks and Commands Wiki - Historical

Applied By misskoa: Apr 10, 2017 at 10:12 AM

Ranks and Commands Wiki


The original Ranks and Commands documentation was created by CosmosSayre.

Our server has a ranking system. This system makes sure the people that put in more time, effort, or funds into the server receive more features in-game and more recognition and respect in the community.

We have a hierarchy of survival ranks that you can pour your time into, advanced ranks awarded to special players, supporter ranks that you can donate real-world money for, building ranks that help with construction of original server buildings, and staff ranks that are assigned to those who put in their free time in order to keep the server running.

Ready to climb the ladder? Keep reading for more information!

Survival Ranks

These ranks are obtained by being a dedicated player on CraftBlock. By meeting certain requirements, filling out applications, and gaining the trust of the community, you can easily obtain these ranks, so long as you don't mind putting in the time. Good luck to all those who wish to ascend the ladder!

The default rank for when you join the server!
Click here to view the commands Dweller can perform. This looks like a lot of commands, and it is XD. These are the basic commands that everyone has on the server, since all ranks inherit these commands from Dweller. As of now, Dweller can:
  • set one home,
  • use heal and disposal signs, and
  • hold up to 3 jobs at once.
Here is a list of all the commands Dweller can run.
  • /help - lists all available commands for your rank
  • /rules - lists the server's rules
  • /spawn - teleports you to spawn
  • /sethome [home name] - sets a home where you are standing
  • /home [home name] - teleports to a specified home
  • /homes - (note the "s" in "homes") shows a list of all the homes you have set
  • /delhome [home name] - deletes a specified home
  • /shop - opens the shop menu
  • /wiki - gives you a link to the CraftBlock Wiki
  • /towny - shows commands for the Towny plugin
  • /jobs list - shows the list of available jobs
  • /jobs join [jobname] - join a from the list of available jobs
  • /lwc - shows commands for the LWC plugin
  • /lock - allows you to lock unclaimed chests
  • /unlock - allows you to unlock chests you have locked
  • /cmodify - allows you to setup group chest permissions
  • /mcmmo help - shows help for the MCMMO plugin
  • /bal - shows your current balance
  • /pay [username] [amount (#)] - pays a specified player a given amount of your balance
  • /time - shows the current game time
  • /player [username] - shows a specified player's information, including what town they're in, when they joined, etc.
  • /seen [username] - checks when a player was last online
  • /afk - lets people know you're AFK (Away From Keyboard)
  • /list - shows you a list of all online players
  • /mail read - shows you your server mail; the mail system allows you to send a message to a player when they're offline so they can see it when they come back
  • /mail send [username] [message] - senda mail to a specified player
  • /mail clear - empties your mailbox
  • /tpa [username] - requests to teleport to another player
  • /tpahere [username] - requests that another player teleports to you
  • /tpaccept - accepts a teleport request from another player
  • /tpdeny - denies a teleport request from another player
  • /msg [username] [message] - sends a private message to another player
  • /r [message] - quickly replies to a private message that has been sent to you
  • /me - used to talk in the third person (ex. "Chiplover2 stubbed her toe")
  • /vote - gives you a link to our page with voting links on it; vote to earn rewards like /fly turned on, money, swag, etc.
  • /buy - gives you access to BuyCraft in-game to contribute to the server or purchase a supporter rank
  • /ranks - gives you a link to the Ranks and Commands wiki
  • /website - gives you a link to the CraftBlock forums
  • /recipe - shows you the crafting recipe for the item you're currently holding in your hand
  • /bikeshop - lets you buy and use motorbikes in-game (part of the Vehicles plugin)
  • /auction - lets you auction and bid on items
  • /kit - allows you to unlock the items available in the Dweller kit
  • /ignore - allows you to mute a player in chat
  • /tgui - allows you to access the towny GUI
  • /lottery - allows you to watch and play in the lottery
Apply for Dweller
First achievable rank, by building a house and asking for a Mod to come look at it!
Click here to reveal Settler's home requirements. In order to get your house approved by an Ambassador or staff member, it needs:
  • a bed
  • a furnace
  • a crafting table
  • walls
  • a roof
  • flooring
Click here to view the commands Settler can perform. Lorem ipsum... Meh. X3
Apply for Settler

3.) Colonist
Colonist is the second rank that can be obtained through the survival ladder, and is the first rank you need to make an application for. The requirements needed on your application for Colonist are listed below.

Click here to reveal the requirements needed for Colonist. This is everything you will need in order to have your Colonist application accepted.
  • Play on CraftBlock Main for at least 3 days.
  • Have at least two players vouch for you, either in-person or as a reply to your application on the forums.
  • You must be working on at least 3 projects, and you must provide screenshots of these projects.
To apply for Colonist, please click here to make a new thread in the Colonist Application forum.
If you need help, click here to see an example application.

4.) Merchant
Merchant is the third rank in the survival chain, the second rank you can apply for, and the transitional rank from Settler to Pioneer. The requirements needed on your application for Merchant are listed below.

5.) Pioneer
Pioneer is the fourth rank on the survival ladder and the third rank you can apply for. The requirements needed on your application for Pioneer are listed below.

6.) Apprentice
Apprentice is the fifth rank you can obtain in survival, the fourth rank you can apply for and the transitional rank from Pioneer to Artisan. Not many people make it this far, so congratulations if you've stuck with us up until this point. The requirements needed on your application for Apprentice are listed below.

7.) Artisan
Artisan is the second-to-last rank on the survival ladder and the fifth rank you can apply for in survival. We expect that you bake top-tier artisan bread for the community. Along with a submission of your bread recipe, the requirements needed on your application for Artisan are listed below.

8.) Baron
Baron is the last rank in survival, and the last rank you need to apply for. If you've made it this far, congratulations! Thank you for playing on CraftBlock with us! If you'd like to apply for this special rank, take a look at the requirements below.

Advanced Ranks

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