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How to use the forums! - Historical

Applied By Hollybeth: Dec 26, 2015 at 2:37 PM

How to use the forums!

So you're completely new here, and the forums feel like a confusing place to be? Well, thy shall not be lost anymore, as we'll try our best to help you! Here we'll list every essential function of the forum you should know about! The rest? Well, we'll let you explore and find them.

What we cover:
  • Important Forums
  • User Functions (pm's, changing usernames, etc)
  • Projects (Uploading your projects, etc)
  • Medals (Forum Awards!)
  • BBCodes (Formatting for posts)

Ready? Let's go!

Important Forums
Here are some important forums to go too and check out!

User Functions
How do you.... forum?

  • Private Messaging: Go to a user's profile and click on the information tab.
  • Changing your username: Go to your user profile then under settings click on change username [​IMG]