Zombie302561's Ban Appeal


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Apr 19, 2018
Minecraft Username: Zombie302561
Your Ban report link: https://craftblock.me/threads/zombie302561.17310/ (Edited by Tazboi)
Server banned from: All
Reason of ban: Duplication of 10,000+ blocks. Initial denial of duplication. Also known to have duplicated on Aero
Who banned you?: Shizzscott
Why should you be unbanned?: I lost nearly everything I had whether it was duplicated or not. Once questioned about my items and their origins, I told the truth and even helped dispose of the duplicated items. I was rewarded with doubt and all my minerals were destroyed, despite the ones that were left being real. I've spent days acquiring those minerals, and they were all taken away. I understand taking the duplicated items away and that's completely fair, but to take ALL of them? Shizzscott could easily have told how many minerals were real, because he told me exactly how many diamond ores I'd mined. Yet he took them all. Also, the whole denying thing is a lie. I was previously banned (and still am banned) on Aero for assisting a fellow duplicator (who has also been banned). Apparently it's expected of you to confess all crimes immediately after getting caught for one, which I would have had the mods bothered to ask. I had already planned on getting rid of the duplicated items once i was unbanned for griefing glowstone and gold from an abandoned base. On Monday my ban was over on main and I started gathering my duplicated items to dispose of them. I admittedly got sidetracked collecting all the duplicated items, and so 2 days later (today) I started digging a hole in my backyard to throw my materials away. Shizzscott and Shizzsteer both magically appeared next to me without asking (which I feel is a bit of an invasion of privacy because they keep doing it) and despite initially being helpful and clearing lava, they both ended up in my house (uninvited I might add) and snooped through all 980 chests i had (yes they went through all of them). At this point even if I'm unbanned or end up waiting out all 9 days of my ban, what's the point honestly. People looking over my shoulder all the time, constant suspicion of me, snooping through my stuff, not asking permission... It's just going to continue isn't it? And I've lost so much important work that there's basically nothing left to go back to. To add insult to injury, shortly after being banned on main I got a server wide ban from ALL of craftblock, which is a bit rude in my opinion as neither of my previous two bans have resulted in this total ban. In conclusion, I have little left anyway so I might as well be unbanned.
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May 24, 2017
I will go ahead and remind you of a part of the situation.

After the duplicated items in your chest were destroyed, you then went and placed some shulker boxes in front of me. I had no knowledge of these before and could have been missed.

In one of the shulker boxes were 27 stacks of beacons, and in another one 27 stacks of god apples. With these 2 shulker boxes were another 5 shulker boxes filled with diamond blocks. So taking these diamond blocks with the other 27~ stacks you had in your inventory you had around 93,000 diamond.

I did a search on how much diamond ore you had mined, and that came back with 512 pages of you breaking diamond blocks (each page with 4 diamond ore), which is roughly 2000 diamond ore.

Why would you have given me those diamond blocks with the duplicated beacons and apples if they were legit?

To finish off, all items that had been proven duplicated were deleted as their was no way for me and Steer to know how many items you actually had before cheating.

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