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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:zoltar2000
Victim(s):holy_Rabiitz, myself _SunDust_, NariCake
Temporary or Permanent:Tempban 1 day
1st -Spamming in the chat cause he wanted someone to live with him. He was told not to spam
2nd  - He did it again spamming the chat to find a person to live with him.  I warned him.  I think the first incident he was kicked. by another player.
3rd - he spammed me in whisper
4th - he spammed me with tp request
5th - He insulted me- i told him not to be nasty. he insulted Holy -she kicked him.
6th - He went to Naris town ate her cake and it upset her.  They seemed to have settled their differences but he had set a home in her town.  but they had settled their differentces I think.
Witnesses:server chat
Other Notes:
was 1 day but as i was typing up all the problems he caused i decided 3 days.  Sad it had to go this far zoltar. You shouldve learnt the first time

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