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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:XxXkillerzxX8
Temporary or Permanent:permanent
Incident:Killer brought a town from lucas. The town consisted of builds by lucas and toher players.  killer was  changing the town to fit his wanting.   there were chest and signs from people who had left the area or not been on the server for a while.  Hes asked for sign and chest to be moved. Me and narb have told him to get the owners of the sign chest removed by them.  he asked me again today to remove chest.  I said make a storage forthe items and chest to be put. He wanted to know if there was anything in the chest. I checked there was nothing they belonged to lucas he gave the town to killer and left empty chest. I saw he was destroying a house.   I knew it wasnt his home. So i checked found it belnged to a guy Id just reported.  killer thought he had all perms over the area and the builds of the owners was up tio him to do what he wanted.  Removing a home he didnt have permsfrom the original owner  is griefing, lucas didnt own the home. It was a house in his town he sold. Had killer sought perms from creepa thenit would not be counted unto him for grief.  But he knows now.
Witnesses:/co i
Previous Actions:
Although these actions speak against killer, He has made a few post reporting people on forums which might go in his favour.
Other Notes:
He knows the consequence of a ban was sure, I hope he makes an appeal to explain his side of the story. I was gonna handle this differently, I would of had the owners stuff placed  in a cmodified chest for the owner to get when he comes back. I was told to ban him from a higher rank then myself. So I followed through with my usual proceedure of found grief.

Also note the radius was 5.


Dec 16, 2013
We also set up a town near my project (were I planned to build) and said people could mine the clay as much as they want (again were I wanted to build) and now he game the town away, and the new owner doesn't seem to be on often
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