Who is this Surfer?


Dec 21, 2013
Hi peoples I am michaelsurfs and if its not that obvious, I play mc as a hobby and I really like science and math and especially space and physics.  I am a craft blocker like you guys and I care a lot about how my hair looks from time to time.  Some of my friends here are hannah615, LapisLazuli, Monochrome Pony, Sun Dust, Baraoic, trainz98, sarbear, and others.  I don't like wearing ties and I like Oakly Sunglasses.  I love nature and animals and I like making parks in mc and I like summer and I have a ton of marbles and I like making things out of sand and I like mixing stuff like water and cool-aid mix….  You probably get the point….  I like the beach because the hot sand and I like playing other games than mc and I love making new friends and I like food and I love sleeping and I like to drink stuff, especially water, and sometimes I attempt to be a vegetarian (which ALLWAYS fails!).  Sooooo… I like dancing(JK!) and I can't stand televised showing on me television and radio when Im trying to do stuff like design aerodynamic projectiles and I also like to design planes and cars and trains, but still, I get a little worried on trains because you never know when you might miss your stop if you accidentally fall asleep on your train ride or flight.  I think that lemons are the perfect thing for ninja training because of their visible shape and color and the fact that they don't explode as easily as something like a grapefruit or apple.  Well, thats my introduction!!!


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Jun 2, 2014
Well, nice to meet you Michael, I believe we've met before c: ;)

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