Who is SlyGuy31?


Jan 19, 2014
New Jersey
Hi. My name is SlyGuy31 and or Joe. I am 13 years old turning 14 on December 28. (Just saying now this might just be me saying stuff about myself xD) Well I like doing many things like playing minecraft! But I also like playing baseball and basketball. I love to meet new people unless they are very annoying. (I don't do good with annoying people) I a very good at pvp and when I get the chance or if I am allowed I will kill you in game.:p Just joking but I do like hunger games. I have many I guess you can call hobbies such as paintball, and pretty much fast paced and fun hobbies. I never really liked servers like Craftblock because I though it was always boring, until I actually met Craftblock. I am very happy I met this server and most of the people on it are very nice. BACK to the topic about me because this is a.... introduction... SO yeah my favorite color is red. I am Italian and speak a little. I prefer not to speak it but sometimes I will. And I am out of things to talk about. So That Is Who SlyGuy31 Is. :D


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
Good to know more about you, Sly. :D I also love the colour red. But it's best when it's accompanied, not saturated, by the shade (Not a colour) Black. <--Art terminology there. Haha I love black & red together, though. Especially when it's a Blood Red hue. :D Anyway, that's probably enough about colours. :p I'll see you around, Sly. Haha
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