When there's no tears


Dec 16, 2013
Windstad Manor, Skyrim, Tamriel
When there's no tears.
When there's no tears it is too sad to bear
When there's no tears you cannot handle anymore
When there's no tears there is too much
When there's no tears you don't care anymore
When there's no tears, you know it was too bad, too sad, or too mad

The story is
The story isn't
The story wasn't
The story was
The story will
The story won't
The story was too sad, too bad, and too mad

That night
That night it all changed
That night we lost it
That night the demons in our heads won
That night it was too mad, too sad, too bad

The life
The life is hard
The life is stupid
The life can be ridiculous
The life ain't what it's cracked up to be
The life can be too sad.

The mornings
The mornings aren't bright anymore
The mornings can't be
The mornings aren't nice
The mornings are too bad to be good.

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