Weekly Build Competition #1: Halloween!


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Jul 26, 2014

*Special Event* Theme #1: "Halloween"

:bat:As the holiday of All Hallow's Eve approaches, the atmosphere slowly becomes dark, creepy, even spine-chilling at times...:bat:
And it's obviously one of the best times of year to just embrace the season and have fun! For this first build competition in a long while, we are giving you a whole month to just dive head first into this theme, and have fun with the ample amount of time! I shall be hosting these competitions for the foreseeable future, so I hope you all enjoy!

Ideas & Inspiration.

  • Quite a wide theme with this competition, with just so much to grab from! From your regular Halloween traditions, stories, movies, or even just scary places and ideas. You can't go wrong with a good Halloween build.​
  • If you are stuck and still don't have much idea for where to go with your build, remember pixel art is also an option.​
  • Good Luck and Have Fun! :nyan:
Get Started :andmore:

  1. Start by logging into CraftBlock and using /forge to get to the ForgeBlock server.
  2. Once there, you will then type the command /enter to arrive at our Weekly Build Competition space! There will be more detailed instructions on the hologram there to assist you.
  3. You will have one month, until November 1st to submit your build for voting.
  4. Submit Your Build: When finished, submit the build by clicking on the top banner of this thread, or clicking here: https://craftblock.me/submit/.
Note: You can team with another player, and be able to build on someone's plot when they have trusted you with /plot trust (playername). However, for submissions, teams will be limited to 2, to keep things relatively even for people that want to build on their own.

Final Thoughts

And with this, I hope this is a competition you guys can have fun with! @misskoa has assisted in most of the setup for this first competition, so I do have to thank her for this entire thing. I will be managing the competitions from here on, so I do hope you enjoy what I have in store!

Thank you for all of your patience, participation and support!
:snowflake: Stay Frosty everyone! :snowflake:
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