VVaste, ESPADA6, Sunnysunshin3, caesare1borgia,TeenChEcKeRs, CHINESEPOTATO546


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:
Victim(s):Server chat.
Temporary or Permanent:permanent, and 1 tempban 3days
VVaste- inappropriate chat, building inappropriate structures, advertising, permanent ban

ESPADA6 - Amir banned for evading a bad but just before that I had jailed him was disrespectful in the chat and claimiung to be VVaste. Permanent ban

Sunnysunshin3 - ban evading as VVaste. Permanent ban

Ghorse23- possibly a different player but none the less direspectful was coming thropugh the newbie spawn and causing trouble upon entering the server. I dont have a screenshot for this player so can someone check the console to see if I had done something with this player? I think I tempbanned 3days

caesare1borgia - Disrespectful in the server chat upon entering the server. permanent ban

TeenChEcKeRs - Evading a ban as VVaste, was IP banned. This player I spelt the name wrong first and second time. I see also chip got banned? maybe we were banning at the same time but I dont know how chip got banned but thats all fixed now amir unbanned afterwards.Permanent ban

CHINESEPOTATO546- trolling as well upon joining the server.permanent ban

Overall, none of these players had good intentions to play on the server but to troll, which showed by their actions in the chat and those who made it past the newbie spawn by their actions on the server.

Witnesses: Many witnesses all shown in the screenshots.
Other Notes:

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