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Dec 16, 2013
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Think we could make a list of things for around the vouching system. I know we had some guidelines in the past forums before the wipe.

I guess we should say what a vouch is. I just did a search and merged its definitions into one.   I had a look around on the forum and other server forums on cb for ideas.  When I was builder and saw vouches were required, I likened it to a job application.  Vouches were like my referees I needed. I saw how this to some point is teaching our younger players this principal, and thought it was a good idea.

Please add or delete what's needed or not, or if we need it or not.

Please consider the following when gathering or giving vouches.

A vouch: 
To support a player as being true, certain, reliable.  One you can attest; guarantee, of their character.  A player you can sustain or uphold by, give proof or demonstration of their character.

The Player:  
  • Depending on how many you need, choose players who you have 
- played along side with and 
- can describe how you have acted on the server, 
- how you treat others, or 
- any other needful info or examples they can share.   

  • If you don't know many people, this is a good opportunity to get out there in the community and make friends.  
  • Do not beg for vouches, do so could result in your application being denied.  Begging, seeking vouches in the chat to everyone and anyone, shows you are desperate, and haven't played long enough on the server to get out in the community to make friends. This includes pasting a link advertising your application in the chat or to other players in game or on the server.
  • Do not blackmail players to vouch for you.
  • You must have the players permission to use their name on your application first.
  • You can 
- send a private message to the player in the chat (/msg playername message) or on 
- forums (search the name, click on thier profile then choose email or message on forums) or 
- send them mail on the server (mail send playename message).   
This will avoid embarrassment for either you or the player should they choose to decline, as they wouldn't then have all these eyes waiting on your reply. 

  • A screenshot of them responding favourably to your request would be handy.
People vouching for the player:
A simple " I vouch" will not count.  You need to back up your vouch explaining why you think they deserve to be promoted.  If you know this player, you should then have much to tell of this player.  Give an example or examples of how they've treated you and how you've seen them treat others, maybe what you observed of their behaviour in the chat. 

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