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Dec 16, 2013
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The following information is to help a player get vouches for their application.

"How do I get vouches?"
Ask in private (/mail or /msg or forums) certain players you have chosen if you could use "their name" on your application. 

These names are a definite requirement. No other seeking vouches is required on your part. 

"But I don't know many people and they don't know me."
If you don't know many people, this is a good opportunity to get out there in the community and make friends. 

Keep an eye on the chat; that's where you will see people needing help. Answer their questions, especially for new players on the server who don't know anyone and may need a friend - be that friend. 

"Can I ask anyone?"
You need to have known, played and conversed with these players a number of times. At least long enough on the server to be able to have their trust and support. If they were questioned, they should have many reasons to say why you deserve that rank.
So people you only just met? No. And do not blackmail or bribe players to vouch for you.

"Great! Now all I need is a staff vouch."
Ambassadors are not staff. 

If you were promoted to builder by a moderator, or mods you see a lot of, try asking them. Refer to "How to get vouches" to do this.

Be grateful and heed any counsel they give you, they want you to succeed.  They might not give you a vouch straight away but want to get to know you more, and thats ok.

"Ok, posted it, now what? When will I be promoted?"
Once your application is posted, you can wait for players to reply and vouch. If you aren't having any luck, you can ask occasionally in-game if anyone would like to check your application.

If your application was successful, and you did all you can to prove you're worthy of the rank, you will get the Avoxsas' stamp of approval and your promotion.

Promotions happen every Friday.

"Why am I not promoted? Friday has come and gone and I haven't been promoted!"
This could mean you have not done enough towards completing your application and it has not been approved. Check your application to see if anyone has left feedback, and check that you have enough vouches.

Don't forget, Citizen rank needs 5 player vouches and 1 staff vouch. Trusted rank needs 8 player vouches and 2 staff vouches.

"I think my applications getting lost among the other threads. I'm going to bump it!"
Don't be surprised if your bump post are deleted and you receive a message something like this..
"Hi, please don't bump the thread. Let replies come naturally".

"Wow! People are vouching to my application. Cool!"
It is not necessary to post a thank you for every single positive comment you receive supporting your application. Clicking the "like" button is enough to say "thanks".

"Grrr... that comment makes me look bad. I don't like it."
All comments are feedback, be it positive or negative. Positive ones are great, they make you feel good. Negative ones can cause you to "react" or "over react".
You may feel you need to put up some defence weapons to fight back.

Don't fight back. It can go prolong the time for being promoted.

If its true, take it on the chin and accept it. State the things you are trying to change to be a better person. Be grateful to them for giving you another chance to prove yourself. Tell them too.

If it's not true, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. They have formed an opinion based on what they have come to know. Take this chance to prove them wrong.

The following information is for the player who received a private message asking for their vouch.

"I got a message asking for my vouch, is that allowed?"
Yes. This is a player who has chosen you from the many other players they could have chosen from. They are seeking your support. 

You need to have known, played, conversed with these players a number of times. At least long enough on the server to be able to trust and support them. That if you were questioned, you would have many reasons to say why they deserved that rank.

"Why is my name on a player's app? I didnt vouch for them."
Probably a misunderstanding in communication. Contact the player privately to discuss the matter. Request the name to be removed if need be.

"I support them! How should I respond?"
If you feel they deserve it, reply something like "yes, add my vouch." That is all that you need to do.

"No! I dont support them. I have my reasons. No vouch!"
If you feel they don't deserve your vouch, reply something like "No." You can state your reasons in public or privately to them.

"I'm not sure, my vouch is pending."
So you would vouch but it would depend on some change of attitudes or behaviours. Tell them, and tell them what things they need to change. Be nice about it, for you are helping them to prove themselves worthy. 

If they take it the wrong way, that's not your problem - you have done your part.

The following information is for players commenting to an application.

"Cool! They made an application, I want to give my support."
These vouches give further support to their application.

In commenting please provide reasons for vouching as failing to do so can result in post removal without warning, and may result in a warning if done repeatedly. 

Are they helpful? If so, how are they helpful? How have you seen them helping others?

"Great app I vouch" is not a valid reason, nor is being "their friend". 

"Hmm... they made an app. I don't think they deserve it."
Refer to "No! I dont support them. I have my reasons. No vouch!"

"Hmm.. they made an app. I'm not sure if they deserve it, but I still want to comment."
Refer to  "I'm not sure, my vouch is pending."

Note: This information has been gathered from and collated from past forum information, new added info and words used from owners themselves in some areas.


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Dec 16, 2013
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RE: Vouching

Updated. Hopefully will clear up some confusion.  If it needs to be clearer please say.


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Mar 20, 2014
Sun does ambassador count as a staff vouch or a normal player


@_SunDust_ I don't really like the "asking for vouches part" at all... I thought people were suppose to look at the application/show how trustworthy they were on the server. People can also put a thread rating (the little hunger icons at the top of the thread) for it to be seen at the top of "new posts."
Just my inquiry. :)


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Dec 16, 2013
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Truemu... If the owners DIDNT. want you to add 5 regular players names and 1 staff vouch name...they WOULDNT of added it on the application. They didnt say... Oh you can fill in what you want, if you dont want you fill it in in some places...thats ok.... We just added that to the application to make it look good.

Besides... If you cant get 5 players and a staff viuch....maybe you need to go make some friends on the server. On the wiki vouch gives many ways to establish a good relationship with other players enough to ask if YOU could have their vouch.

Now friday has come and gone and you havent been promoted, and you wonder why? Because your application is INCOMPLETE. You either couldnt be bother reading the vouch link, or you couldnt understand it. Or you just plain out want to make your own rules to suit yourself.....and then....expect to be promoted.

Your actions show you didnt bother looking at the wiki for vouching. By your explanation, youve misunderstood vouches needed for the application itself.

You dont listen... I wouldnt vouch for a player, who doesnt listen.

Too bad if you dont like asking your friends if they will support you, if you cant be bothered filling in the application, why bother applying.

So names truemu..... Get those names added on your app.


Dec 17, 2013
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_SunDust_ said:
Long, thought out essay of vouches.
Did you mean to talk to Taz when you wrote this, because all truemu asked was if ambassadors count for staff vouches.  Or is there something here I am not understanding.


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Dec 16, 2013
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whoops yes--- that post should have gone to his app for citizen

No, ambassador does not count as a staff vouch

Lol I totally read that all wrong.. I thought it was truemu asking that but it was taz.... my apologies--- got home from work was a little rushed -- only half hour for lunch. So while i was resting -- totally read it wrong sorry Taz.

But @ Taz---- same as I said for truemu--- Whats the point in putting those points on the app then if people arent going to fill it out.

As I pondered this coming home from work I can liken this to getting builder rank

A player must meet certain requirements for their home if they want to be promoted to Builder

Also people who choose to put a thread rating is up to them--- a thread rating is not required to be given in the template application.
Nor are the vouches people give after the application has been posted is required.

Quoting Taz " people were suppose to look at the application/show how trustworthy they were on the server." <<<< This is not a requirement on the application.

Now you say you dont like asking people for their support... is like saying to a mod I dont like having a bed in my home, and I dont want to have a chest or furnace or a craft table-- but I will make walls and a roof only. Then I want Builder rank.

Same for citizen. They must fill out all the application if they want to be promoted to Citizen.

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