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Dec 15, 2013
Have multiple friends and you'd like to talk to them differently? Or you'd like to speak a different language in chat and /msg isn't working out? We have Party Chat! It's an in-game private chat where any player can create and invite others to join!

Getting Started Commands:

  • /partychat create <partyname> <password> - Allows you to create a party chat, with a name and a password. Example: /partychat create koasroom dirtydirt123.
  • /pc or /partychat - Allows you to toggle the chat. /pc to enable party chat only, or /pc again to talk in normal chat. Party chat text will be green!
  • /party invite <player name> - Allows you to invite other players to your party!

Party Chat comes with a bunch more commands.

  • /party or /party info - View information on your current party.
  • /party join <player name> [password] - Joins the party of that player, password if specified.
  • /party quit - Leaves the current party.
  • /pc - Toggles party chat.
  • /party invite <player name> - Invites the named player to the current party.
  • /ptp <party member name> - Teleports the player to the designated party member.
  • /party <lock;unlock> - Locks or unlocks the party you are in./party password (password)
  • /party password (password) - Sets a password to your party (only work if party is locked).
  • /party create <party name> [password] - Creates a party with a name, password is optional.
  • /party <kick> [player name] - Kicks said player from your party.
  • /party <leader> [player name] - Transfers ownership of the party.
  • /party disband - Disbands the party.

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