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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:tspree & solow7
Temporary or Permanent:1 day
Incident:tspree and solow are working with cactus who has been building in their place. Tspree says it belongs to him and so gave cactus permission to build there. And so doing cactus was given permission to place a sign and hoppers.  He could because tspree gave him permission to. Well now they want to move the sign and hoppers but find they dont have permission to.  So instead of sending cactus a /mail or contacting him to move it themselves they want a quick fix. This is something THEY can do.  insread they have no patience and want it done right now and when thye want it. Yes the can use the mods to get to satisfy their impatience.  Or they can sort the problem themselves by just waiting.   Well since they couldnt wait, they choose to go to another mod ryno to do it.  This is at a time when the server is busy and this is something they can sort for themselves.
Witnesses:VellaMage only one I saw following the discussion. So in other wordsthese guys were undermining my decision for them to wait.  And thought with a smile on your face solow you were getting what you wanted huh??  Like I explained in the chat. You two were behaving like children who didnt get heir way with one parent so went to the other.  you need to learn to not play off the mods like that. And you might think this is abuse, when I think you are they ones using the moderators.
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