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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Trgrit
Temporary or Permanent:temp 1 day
Incident: So trgrit first drew my attention while i was checking the area where usernamehad been griefing. He said in the chat -no ones listens anyway.  So I asked what he wanted and JESUSREAL says he wanted his home checked.When I tpto him he said hes here nowand he was meaning best.  Now best in prvt chat says I think he needs windows.  So I came back. his home was a quarry and he placed a bed at the top of the quarry with furnance and chest.  for his roof was a dirt layer.

His reason was because he didnt want to buy a pstone, or couldnt.  And he didnt want to have poeple grief him.  I understand he wanted his home to be camoflarged.  I understandf he might not have a pstone because he may not be able to afford it or may not know how to place one.
Infor for pstones can be found typing /pstones
Understanding he wanted to keep his home camoflarged i said well he might need to build his floor lower so he could make a proper roof.

Well all through this establishing this info, he was growing increasingly annoyed because his home was not accepted as he thought it would be.   I told him he needs a roof and a floor, and the dirt roof just wont do.
I  dont think he undestood when I said he could build a roof under the dirt.  or he didnt like that idea.

Told me I can keep my rank. I told him if he didint want to be ranked dont call a ambassador or mod to check it then.

Anyway still angry his home wasntaccepted to his standards. I said if he wanted to know the requirements for a promotion and was just about to tellhim he said no.  Any help I tried to give was a no.

I apologised for implying he was a kid.  He mustve felt he didint need to apologise forhis behaviour.  Others in the chat were trying to help. He seemed very adamant he was not gonna change his mind on how He did things.    And that was fine with me.  People dont want to do what is required to get the rank is thier choice I leave them.  Some are happy to stay blockling but they deprive themselves sadly of greater things. I banned him one day for disrespect towards me

Witnesses:SamDaManNz100, AmirAti, JESUSREAL,
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