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Dec 15, 2013
So you want to be suggested as a Mod, or you just got suggested. It's super nice of you to want to help out CraftBlock and we appreciate it, but we have a system to pick out the best of the mods and in this thread, I'll let you know how we do it and you can have a better chance at becoming one.

So let's start out with the FAQs.

What is the Suggest a Mod forum?

Before, us owners were were trying to choose players we can trial that we think would be the best. This usually mean't we'd need to know the player and we would have to make sure they were active. It was a nice and safe way of choosing staff, but as us, the owners got busy with the server and of our daily lives, it became harder to be active and find the perfect mods ourselves and we were needing more staff to help with our growing server.

We could've just went with the normal "Mod Apps" forum every other server does, but that kind of system doesn't work for us. We try really hard to pick out the best staff and "Mod Apps" would only give anyone who applies a lost "hope" that they' might be promoted but in reality, we'll probably never consider a player that just recently joined and wants to already be mod. Sure, vouches from other normal players could help, but we'd also be facing a ton of empty applications that would never get a reply.

With the goal of the community first on CraftBlock, we decided to let the players choose the moderators. Thus, "Suggest a Mod" forum was created.

The purpose of "Suggest a Mod" is for t he community to pick the best pl

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