Towny Guide (W.I.P)


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Feb 26, 2014
This guide will encompass the basics of towny, including creating a town, adding residents, giving residents ranks, plots, and a whole lot more.

Creating a town:
First things first you need to get to the wild (If you are unsure on how to do this just check out @Chiplover2 's guide, which can be found here:
After this you will want to walk (or fly, see the voting wiki) very very far away. You will need to be at least 20 chunks away (over 320 blocks) from another town to create your own, and you want a spot far away from other towns.
After you've found a location you will need 3,000 CB (CraftBlock's official currency) then type the command /t create [town name]. Be sure to give your town a unique name.

Keeping said town from falling into ruins:
To make sure your town doesn't fall, it needs money to fund it. I would recommend putting in at least 100 CB using the command /t deposit [amount].

Expanding and plots:
After you've created and funded your town, you should make a spawn structure (if you haven't already) in the spot you've created for your town. After this you may want to map some roads and plots. I recommend making plots the same size and same place as a chunk, as this will simplify your progress.

To expand the town use the command /t claim to claim a new chunk for your town, you start will eight claimable chunks, but you can purchase sixteen and gain a larger amount by joining a nation. Remember that if you add a person to your town you receive eight more claimable chunks.

To put a plot for sale do the command /plot fs [price].

If you wish to set the plot for different things see the chart below:

PvP plots: /plot set arena
Embassy plots: /plot set embassy

Adding residents:
To invite a player to your town simply use the command /t add [player]; a message will appear on their screen giving them the option to accept or decline your invitation.

I will continue this wiki, but I felt I should start with the basics of making a town first :)
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Dec 20, 2013
Looking good, just a Chip said, very few grammar mistakes, just fix those, and you'll be fine :).

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