CraftBlock To Moderators & Ambassadors


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Dec 15, 2013
Moderators and Ambassadors should read this.

You are the lifeline of the server. You are what stands between the owners and the players. I'm not a moderator, I'm not a helper. I keep the server running, manage its plugins and ensure everything is running as it should be. We have moderators and Ambassadors for helping players.

That sounds a little conceited. You're free to think that. The point is, you have to help players whether you like it or not. Being a Mod or an Ambassador isn't fun and games. Your (volunteer) job is to help players when and as needed. If you have no will or don't want/like to drop whatever it is you're doing at any given moment in order to help a player in need or to see if there are any players who need help, then you have no business being in the position you're in.

My point is, do what your rank is designed to do. Nobody asking for help? Ask in chat if anyone needs help. Player needs promoting to Builder? Go take care of it. Player is bugging myself or another owner for help with something? Offer to help. Player asks about something that's readily available on the wiki? Tell them it's on the wiki, and link them. You're by no means obligated to repeat yourself over and over when information players seek is readily available with just a couple clicks and a flick of the scroll wheel.

We can't keep the server running without you Mods and Ambassadors, especially as busy as the server has been the past few days since the reset. The server is extremely busy these past few days, with upwards of FIFTY PLAYERS online at any given moment. This is very hectic, and we need all the help we can with the players who need help with something.

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