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Dec 16, 2013
United Kingdom

As many people know, Minecraft is on the xbox as well as the PC. I decided to use my main survival world i had when i first started minecraft, to make several builds on it, and have rails towards it. However, its not just gonna be like, oh its a church, oh its a fancy house, oh no. Its gonna be themed builds... based on you guys!

Tell me about your Ingame Character. What they look like (Be sure to provide a image and i might make a statue!) and what they like, what a small house would look like if they built it. (Remember, the Xbox doesnt have everything yet, mainly all up to 1.6.4 excluding horses.)

I will post images of the successfull builds and if you wish to play with me and even assist me in the creation of the builds, my Xbox Gamertag is SpindlyBaton98

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