Theknower - trolling then reacting to insult by spamming


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Theknower
 Victim(s):No victims till he was provocked by gman, then chat players were victims
 Temporary or Permanent:Temporary 3 weeks cooling time
 Incident:At first he posted a message suggesting he was advertising another
 server, but he wasnt, But his intentions seemed to want to troll fake 
advertising, which in turn annoyed gman who insulted him to which he then 
retailiated by spamming the chat
First warning:
Insult led to spam:
Caught the tail of his spamming then muted:
 Other Notes:
It did not help with GMAN0519 telling me what I am meant to do as a mod while I was trying 
deal with the player at the same time. The situation may have been a different story had 
people not over reacted.

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