Suggestion The Staff Fall-out + 2 Years Since Shutdown?


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Oct 2, 2017
Heyo o/,

Friendly neighborhood Tazboi here, awake from a long slumber. We have quite a few servers so far supporting a relatively small community (compared to what we've experienced before) yet the main server is very broken since the transition to new structural bases, and the focus of higher staff appears (we only see on the outside, so unsure) only to be on managing the shred of playerbase we have left. Don't get me wrong, I love all of you that have stayed within the community for an extensive amount of time and greatly respect you for it. However, some have fallen into the same ditch I had I as staff - the purpose for maintaining activity on the server being for the sake of personal status. A lot of what we had worked very well, but it's necessary to say that we must understand the difference between experimental and empathetic efficiency. I propose a few courses of action to return to a more progressive server community:

1.) Reversion to old method of acquiring ranks for new players (Staff is present online for rankup to first rank) --> with requirements easy to check and keep the same method across the board for all staff members, this promotes clarity and a staff-player relationship, as opposed to the current wait period players must endure to experience progression. OR setup autorank with feasibly achievable goals that don't span several days' playtime until later ranks (ask the community for requirements!)

2.) Cut back on the amount of servers we're putting out. Based on the wise words of David Ricardo, stick to our comparative advantages. Players incoming to the community aren't devoted to the idea of Games, Factions, etc. on a community server. The archetypes described attract players that are more focused on the game than what is going on in the community, chat, etc., and our history in attempting these servers (exotros, rivals, games) reflects such in their failures. Please, just stick to bread and butter, but make it the nicest-fucking-tasting bread and butter available.

3.) Reduce the amount of staff. This is pretty self explanatory. When half of the playerbase is staff members, it's akin to grown men playing dodgeball against elementary students. It's not a fair or decent balance, and it's awkward. I hope that the amount of Admins can be reduced to a number around 2-3 (including our Dev, the lovely Simpleauthority) and 3 mods that can bring adequate energy to the server while not being too immature.

4.) Make focuses clear and voices heard: Trello was a stellar application that was applied throughout my time as Admin and allowed us to organize our thoughts and focus for each individual clearly. I'm recommending opening a Trello that can be openly viewed by the public to allow the community understand what the focuses for Admins are, as well as supply suggestions if their interests are being disrupted.

5.) In line with #2, incentivize support with our strong suits. The servers we have in place already allow for many freedoms in terms of item availability, and supporter perks must be kept in accordance with EULA. I propose that we a.) develop supporter "tier" rewards for greater support to the server. For example, unlocks on one server would translate to ranks on others, while still developing their rank on the initial server. Or, as we further, unlock access to servers (as seen with the snapshot server) as part of the community but being *small* supporter-only servers with few plugins to grow the supporter community (Maybe a small modded server with 10-15 slots?)

Th-t-t-t-hhthth--that's all folks.


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Dec 15, 2013
This is actually what Matt and Nin are working on! I wouldn't worry :)