[The Other] Chapter 1


Dec 16, 2013
Windstad Manor, Skyrim, Tamriel
Chapter 1-The Ceremony

[font=Tahoma, sans-serif]I wake up. Another day. Another hour. Today is my seventeenth birthday. A day that used to be a day of celebration and just that. But, that was when North America had countries instead of cities and very different customs. In my city, your birthday is just another year older, but on your seventeenth you are "awarded” with the ability to choose an "Advanced Knowledge Center" or the AKC. The AKC is a group dedicated to specialized schools about one subject, time period, activity, or the Other. Other is where you just live there. If you don't want to go to school you go to Other. Other is free land with "towns" and what the AKC says, 0.1% of survival. I walk downstairs and greet my mother who is holding a plate of food. Surprisingly, she has prepared my favorite foods. My sister is down here as well, she will be choosing an AKC, too. I eat and head off to school. There's a huge banner about today's AKC choosing, but I've been told by some people that we don't actually choose and we take a three-stage test. As I walk in, I notice some of my friends, John, Mark, Lucas, and Natasha.[/font][font=Tahoma, sans-serif]
"Hey! It's Blake!" Mark exclaimed, much to my embarrassment everyone turned and looked at me.
"Would you stop yelling? God you're sure stupid for a straight-A student." Natasha, though we are friends I've always had an attraction to her. She's always looking out for me, too. However, she never looks out for Mark. He's a knucklehead for someone who's never failed anything ever.
My sister Johanna, Mark, Lucas, John, Natasha, and I walk up to the stage. The rest of the graduating class are already there. 
"Guess we're late, huh?" John smirks as he says that. He's always thought of himself as a rebel, putting recyclables and reusable in trash bins is his favorite hobby.
"Whatever, not like they missed us or anything, seeing we are the oddball group." Lucas has always been the "Logic fixes all" kind of guy. He also doesn't know how to shut his trap.
"What's up with the quiet demeanor, Blake? You're always bubbly and out there." My sister snarls at me. She always thinks she's superior to me because she was born 15 minutes before me. But, I've always been able to out-do her in sports, school, games, riddles, brain-teasers, etc. 
"Eh, didn't get much sleep. I was thinking of what AKC I would choose." I reply, half lying. I've always known that I would choose Other because I hate school. But, I really want to stay with my friends. 
"Whatever, I'm going to choose the Bit Technology AKC and learn about how to restore humanity's technological advances before the Purge." Lucas, of course he would choose Bit Technology. He loves anything tech, but he is convinced he can reclaim the past, but we all know after the Purge everything was destroyed above ground. And when humanity came up, many committed suicide on the spot from the devastation. Everything had been bombed and destroyed in North and South America. All bonds lost to the outside world and only one message,

"Europe, Asia, Africa, and Antartican territories have met and made the decision to erase North and South America. If you are a survivor, you have the job of reestablishing your countries and social system. Forget everything you know. Create new moral standards. We have saved you from a worse demise."
That time period was known as the Purge. For 500 years we sat and did nothing but live basic and primitive lives. Until, we decided to create towns that would live independently. In 300 years, the job of advanced cities would be to find still-primitive cities and adopt them to the great and advanced cities of North and South America. No one knows why the other nations did it, or how Antarctica had been populated without the Americas knowing. We only knew one thing, we were doomed for demise without splitting into cities.
"That's all bull-" Mark attempted to reply to Lucas, but just then the loud speakers went on and the ceremony began. 
The speaker was our principal and he talked about how we will go on to "Do great things" and "Best class he's ever had" and on and on and on. Finally we were sent into the choosing room, which, to everyone but my surprise, was a bunch of desks with a test. We all sat down and were told to fill out each question truthfully, this test is not for grades but to thin out the competition for our AKC. I complete the test with ease but only these questions:
If you were told to populate earth would you:
A) Respond diplomatically
b) Shoot the man and run
c) Ask why, and still say no.
d) Say yes.
I left this one blank. There was also this:
If you were to choose Other,  do you think you would survive?:
A) Yes
B) No
C) Maybe
D) We will continue to conquest forward into society and regain the lost land.
I don't know if this is a test for an AKC or a test to see who here will be sent out to the other cities. I left these two blank and when we were all done, all 80 of us, we were sent into many "mazes" where we were told to find a way to the other end, everything was allowed. Obviously, I decided to normally walk the maze, when suddenly I found a machete. I picked up the machete and decided, "To hell with this. If I normally walk this I will go insane from the amount of time I would be stuck in here." So I took the machete and cut through the maze to the other side. Surprisingly, I wasn't the only one who did this. Natasha, Mark, and my sister had too. No one else, though. We were told to continue on. So we did, this time we were able to stay together. We were also able to keep the machete, but we were given a choice of a pistol, what seemed to me a war axe, and a sword. Strange, but I chose the pistol, Natasha as well. My sister and Mark grabbed the war axe. We were now balanced. We all had a "sword" but in machete form. We also had the other two weapons as well. Then, the lights flickered off for a minute then back on and we were surrounded by sword-wielding, human-like robots. They all attacked at once.
"What the hell is this?! Execution?!" My sister yelled.
"I have no idea what it is, but we shouldn't defend, go all-out attack!" I shouted to the others as I fired at three of the robots in lethal points, the head, the stomach, and right below the ear near the neck. At the same time Natasha shot three robots as well, but only two were lethal. The other missed as the robot ran and hit his hand not holding the sword.
"Dammit! Blake, how the hell can you take down each robot you shoot??!" Natasha screamed at me over the thundering of the running robots.
"ACK! Dammit! It sliced me thigh open. Damn this hurts!" Mark yelled, and at the same time I whipped around and shot five of the attacking robots by Mark and Johanna. 
"Blake! We gotta scram! They keep commin’!" Johanna shouted.
I looked for an escape, none to be found except straight forward, where at least thirty-five robots stood guard and more running to the door as I look at it longer.
"We have to run to the door with all the robots!! It's the only wa-dammit! I'm out of bullets. I think Natasha is, too! We have to run for the door, just keep swinging your weapons!" I yelled, and sure enough at that moment all 100 of the robots stood in front of the door. Natasha also fired her last bullet. We're screwed. We're screwed. We're screwed. We're screwed!!
"1, 2...GO!!!" I yell. We run full speed whipping our machetes and axes around. We make it to the door with our blood splattered about and throw the doors open. The robots fall down. Shut down. Through the door are five older men, and as the door closes I notice six others walk into that room horrified at the scene and also at what we look like. We are cut up on every limb. Our cloths torn in many places. My shirt is completely destroyed.
"What in the hell was that?!" I yell at the men. All our weapons are focused on the men. Sitting there, legs crossed, calmly staring at us, and one speaks.
"Hello Blake Troy, Johanna Troy, Natasha Anderson, and Mark Filister. We are the head council of the City and you have been chosen to go to the Other. However, the Other isn't an AKC. You are being sent to the other cities. Have a good time" At that second the floor drops beneath us and we hit the floor beneath. I black out.[/font]


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Dec 16, 2013
RE: [Book title here] Chapter 1

Very interesting, I think I would call it simply " The Other" it suits it.


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More. Please. I really liked it. Keep it coming! :)


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Need. More. So. Addicting.

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