The Official Thanksgiving All-Year Thread


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Jul 18, 2014
Let's face it, we need one. It does much more good than the negativity that seems to be growing right now, and festering like a fungus that rots relationships, spoiling the fun. So... I dedicate this is a place where one only brings things, people (though let's keep it from becoming an ego-stroking party too much for sake of fairness? ;) ) and experiences which we are truly grateful for, and which we would not have/have had without CraftBlock. Thank you.

Starting off:

I had been long looking for a survival server when I came across CraftBlock. I was hoping to find someplace where griefing wasn't permitted, where maturity was valued, moderators and admins were fair as well as friendly, and where things like building in survival mode would be "cool", instead of pointless.

I honestly believe I have found it, in CraftBlock. You people show interest, greet each other, help each other, solve problems and collaborate in things - to your own extent and talent, ranging from little to grand undertakings.

You were accepting of a stranger, of a new member who was feeling particularly uncertain of herself and her skills. I have been nothing but reassured here, even though you're not strictly speaking required to - and sometimes don't even know it as it happens. =)

The server's mods are top notch. Sure, there are lag issues, but there's also staff that works on that and does their best to make things better. Every server can have the odd bad day or the odd flaw, here I have quietly witnessed people receiving assurance that things are being addressed.

There's so much reward, like I mentioned in a previous post - rank perks, donation rewards, the in-game stores and earning systems, this was all pretty much new to me and made me, quite frankly, giddy to delve into! Kudos for the shinies. =D

And most importantly... I have met incredible people here. Of all ages and walks of life. Of many personalities and attitudes. You make it worth coming back, over and over again.

Thank you.



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Jul 26, 2014
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I've played on vanilla servers. I like vanilla servers. But there were some definite perks to looking at some mods like official towns for players to "live" that could be customized and planned rather than ending up like vomit on a canvas.

I loved the idea of an actual economy in a server - actual currency, stores, etc. And I really liked the idea of collaborating as a community by default, rather than really having to push to find ways to do things with other players.

So, MissOlive recommended Craftblock. She had also been looking for a server for a while, and I'd heard her stories of playing here. I went to visit her for a weekend, and decided to check it out - why not?

I've been super impressed with how the server is handled and run. It's very thoughtful and well-planned, the staff are helpful, and it's clear the owners have invested a lot of work and care about their server and world.

The community has been awesome; though I had the perk of being friends with a mayor right off the bat, I've also met a lot of other players I really enjoy working with (and we even roped my husband into playing, after 2 weeks of him going "ehhh.....").

So, THANK YOU! Thank you to the owners who have invested so much, the mods who work hard on a daily basis, and the community that tries to stay positive daily :)


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Feb 26, 2014
I've played in lots of servers, I have never played on a server for more than 15 minutes, CraftBlock is really something else. There are so many people I need to thank, and well I guess I'll start with all the staff here, and well when I say staff I mean ambassadors, mods, admins, and owners. Thanks.

From my personal expierience I would like to thank these players:
@jjmarino , and @neonvixen , for helping me out when I first joined @SlyGuy , for being one of the first to talk to me on the server, @_sundust_ for helping me understand the rules, giving me constant encouragement, and overall being one of my favorite people on the server.
@block_master678 , @audreyp33 , @buttergrl , and @lshort1 for being my friends on and off-line, thanks guys.

And for welcoming me into the community, even after I was in it for a while:
@kaileydancer17 , wow Kailey, I remember the day you joined (yeah I was there xD) you have been super friendly ever science we first talked, @kaylawilcoxen14 it has been so much fun talking to you, I'm really glad that we got to do things together, @monochromepony , the best pony, lol, you are definitely one of my best friends on the server, it has been so much fun getting burned in lava by you! xD @tictactory Tory you were definitely one of the people I noticed first thing, I think I saw you first on the forums, when your signature was a rose and the word fabulous, ha stay fabulous Tory! @holy_rabbitz Holy you are super cool on Craftblock, whether it's pushing horses across oceans, or simply building, I'm glad I got to meet you on CB, @erin41632 I am really happy I got to talk to you Erin, you have always been a role model for me, you are always responsible, and know what to say, thanks @samantha41632 Sam you are super fun to be around! Not only that y are just as responsible as Erin, you are great! I'm really glad we got to talk to each other here on CraftBlock

And for various reasons I would like to thank:
@rbhusker @cbhusker @narbula @omega_shenron @thags2000 @uu_valkyre_uu @ishrki @xinzaxx @missolive @chiplover2 @mths @foodllama373737 @amirati @crackers1097

And a super special thanks to @Ar7ific1al @thezygar and @avoxsas

Ha there's so many people I should thank, this is just a few :p Thanks guys


Mar 18, 2014
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I want to thank YOU, @Diamondhunter153 for being there for me in and out of Craftblock. I love you! You make one of the best God Emporers. And I love being an assistant for you. @jjmarino thanks for inviting us into your town, when we had no clue what was going on. You guys have created such a wodnerful experience for me! I want to give a special thanks to all Craftblock staff... Mods, Ambassadors, Admins, and Owners. I think all donors are great! I want to hopefuly soon donate some money to my favorite server! Thanks @_SunDust_ for being a wonderful Moderator, helping us with the start up of our town! The staff here is great! I couldn't ask for a better staff! Again, thanks for making the coolest server EVER!


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Jan 11, 2014
I'd like to thank my brother @rbhusker for helping me be the person I am today. without him, I wouldn't be who I am. I'd also like to thank all of the close friends I can think of...

... @Slyguy31, @Thags2000 @fw1sniper @Erin41632 @Samantha41632 @GMAN0519 ...

The mods for answering all of my idiotic questions as lower ranks...

... @_SunDust_, @Chiplover2, @Narbula ... And many more...

Also, thanks to everyone who has made this community who it is. Thanks to the countless days of work that @kawohi, @Ar7ific1al, @xInZaxx, @Avoxsas and @JagSwag2014

Thank you!


Jan 8, 2014
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First off i would like to thank @cbhusker and @victor_person. They were the first people to get me hooked on this amazing server. I didnt want anything to do with survival mode, but i gave it a try and loved it. Victor so kindly let me stay in his lovely town, Canorus!

I would also like to thank some of my closest friends, @cbhusker @xinzaxx, @juicypickle, @solow7, @fw1sniper, and many more great friends!

I would also like to thank all the very awesome mods for putting up with me. I mean who would want to do that!? Lol i wouldnt. Craftblock wouldnt last very long without you guys!

And last but not least, all the EPIC owners who manage this server, which costs money, and allow us to play for FREE! That means a lot! Love you guys!


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Apr 7, 2014
I would like to thank @_SunDust_ personally for helping me when I first came on


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Dec 30, 2013
No ones thanked Ar7 yet.

So cheers @Ar7ific1al for everything you do to make this community possible :)


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Dec 20, 2013
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Guess I should chime in :3.
CraftBlock has molded me into a very different person from when I first joined. I transformed from a spastic, stereotypical 13-year-old girl to a mature young woman only a year later. I see the world in a different light, one that makes me who I am today. I can't thank CB enough for that :D.

There's a few individuals who I'd like to thank in particular that've helped me along this Exodus of sorts:

There's obviously the owners who I need to thank for bringing me to these crispy people ;):
@Ar7ific1al @Avoxsas @kawohi @xInZaxx @mths (yes, you count :p) @thezygar (you too! :3)

Thank you, @Ben4900, for being the dude that ranked me up from Builder and suggested me as Mod :). I knew I could do it! :D

Thank you to @MonochromePony and @Angeleem for being derpy friends o' mine (and fantastical artists :3), @crackers1097 for being my Snackfood Subordinate, @ElementWrath for being my Fairy Tail buddy (Aye sir!), and @Lking846 for being my buddy in Mod Heaven (Nano :p).

Oh, @Cybes was pretty crispy too ;).

I'd also like to give a HEWGE thanks to @JagSwag2014 for being one of the best friends I've ever had. I haven't had too many sincere friends, so that might not sound like much, but you're the one who's helped me scrape out all my emotional, crispy shit from the bottom of the fryer that's collected after all these years (via PM, lol). I can't thank you enough for that. :)

(Figured it'd be easier just to mention you once, lol. Wish I could mention you a billion times doe :3)

To all those I haven't mentioned, I give you a bag of chips! :D

Fixing everyone's broken mentions, btw ;).


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Feb 26, 2014
But @chiplover2 , :( I want chips xD


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Dec 18, 2013
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I would like to mention a few people on here.

All of the Owners, especially @xInZaxx (back on BW when you were still active you pepperoni) and @uu_valkyre_uu . Thank you guys for being such great role models. When I first showed up on BW I had some serious anxiety problems. I started coming out of my shell after watching you guys talk to people with ease and confidence, it really made a difference in my life. Thanks.

Also some of the people that I can call my friends I would like to thank for making my experience in this community so awesome. @Marshal_Blades @blobex @JagSwag2014 @way2tall123 @_SunDust_ @R3ali1ty @Chiplover2 and pretty much everyone else I have had a good laugh with on teamspeak or on craftblock. Thanks guys!!


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Dec 16, 2013
 I'd like to thank @matx490 for being there for me during harder times, and @Chiplover2 for being a crispy friend for over a year (loaf chu). @Omega_Shenron for being my tumblr buddy, @Angeleem for being the one who dragged me into like 3 fandoms and being a great friend. @KaileyDancer17 and @KaylaWilcoxen14 for being my favorite butts, @DiamondHunter153 for being helpful and one of he best friends I've had in a long time. @FlyingRat102 for all the help over the last year, @_SunDust_  for helping me get started on craftblock.

 @kawaiihog for dragging me down into this hell, @pencilpusher for teaching me how to minecraft (dood if you ever get the time you should hop on main and bug me like I used to bug you). @IshrkI for helping me get my first town started, @TheZygar for letting me get minecraft. @Cbhusker and @rbhusker for being great friends for the past few months. @Victor_Person for being awesome, @Narbula for putting up with me. 

@crackers1097 for being my favorite snack food, @R3ali1ty for being a kick ass mod, and great friend despite his crappy computer. @MinnieManiac for being one of my earliest, and closest friends here. @Holy_Rabbitz for being a wonderful derpy friend, and @Ahriidan and @MrMcOink for being two great people to hand out with at 2am. @ElementWrath for being a gigantic butt and wonderful friend (mr mc butt why can i never remember you when I need to)

There are so many more people that I would like to thank but this list is getting long and harder to read by the line, so I apologize if I didn't list you, I have so many people to thank. Thank you all c: 


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Mar 15, 2014
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I guess i have to...

First off. I love ALL OF YOU <3 Thank you all for making these 5 months so far AMAZING!!! They have been the BEST 5 MONTHS EVER!!!

Anyways... First, I have to thank my Team Death. @MonochromePony @kaylawilcoxen14 @Holy_Rabbitz @DiamondHunter153 @TicTacTory sorry if i missed you. I love you all SOOO MUCH! God I am sorry that Team Death Died... Anyways thank you c:

@MonochromePony God girl... I have seen you as Royal, Ambassador, Trial Mod, Mod and Now Super Mod. You are an amazing person and like my best friend on this server... Legit. You are there for me for url personal stuff. God My MuffinBooBooBear. Thanks c: You are an amazing friend #TWINING #BESTIES #INSIDEJOKES #BUNNIESAREFLUFFY...LIKESATAN

@AudFire WANITAAAAAA. Your soo funny hehe c:

@_SunDust_ Your an amazing mod... Thank you for all your hard work. c:

I would like to also thank @Chiplover2 The Mornings are so fun with you, Running around the towns with you. Oh good lol

@NariCake your so funny and sexual and your just an amazing girl c:

@Erin41632 @Samantha41632 girls, I love you! You both believe in me and talk to me a lot. Words cannot explain. seriously.

@Narbula Hehe I miss you and you were an amazing Mod... COME BACK TO THE DARK SIDE!

My Team Speak peeps. You are all soo funny and i miss you. Hopefully i can come back to TS soon... HOPEFULLY!

@_MoonDust_ God girl. You are so amazing and an amazing friend. Moooonnnn... I love you and BE MORE ACTIVE...

@Exp3rtGamer your an amazing friend, You also be more active mr. Jk i know why u rnt, and hopefully that changes soon...

@paigepalmieri Girl I miss you and love hearing your interesting life stories lol... God BE MORE ACTIVE

I could name every member of the server but that would take too long. i love you all and thanks again for EVERYTHING. Hopefully i can be on this server for a long long long time...!

Owners, Thanks for allowing me to play on such and amazing server ALL THE TIME!


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Mar 24, 2014
Oh gosh. Well, here I go!

First off, I'd like to thank @kawohi for getting me to come back to Craftblock in the first place. Without her, I most likely wouldn't even be here today.

Second, I'd like to thank ALL THE STAFF! From ambassadors, trial mods, trail mods [ @mitochondriac ], Supermods, Nano mods, Admins, Nano admins, owners, and even VIPs. You guys make the server what it is today, and you deal with a ton of crap normal people don't have to. From good times to ban reports, they're all here to make this server great.

Now, the personal thank yous:

To start off, I'd like to thank @MonochromePony , even though you annoy me sometimes, you're pretty much my best friend on Craftblock. I wouldn't trade you for the world bb. <3 And also I'd like to thank @thezygar for producing such a wonderful Pony. Hehe.

@Angeleem . Oh, Ang. We were friends back before I even came back. You're also a very good friend and I'm so happy that we can get along so great even after my horrible falling out. <3

@mths & @amirati My Choco buddies, you've always been super nice to me and you're always there for me when I need to talk. I'm so happy you guys are part of this community. It wouldn't be the same without you.

@R3ali1ty I LOVE YOU AND YOU NEED TO COME BACK RIGHT NOW. No, but seriously, I love you. We were friends before we both left Craftblock for a bit and I'm SO SO SO happy you came back after I did.

@Ahriidan & @MrMcOink . You guys are derps and you're hilarious [even though sometimes you go a liiiiittle too far]. Also, thank you Ahrii for being the most active of my husbands. :p [Unlike @ghostgravy whom I still love anyway.]

@Ar7ific1al . You have a weird sense of humor that I hardly understand sometimes, but you're still a great person. You're there for me if I need to talk or vent, and you actually listen. Thank you for all you do for the server and thank you even more for being there for me when I need someone to talk to the most. Keep being you, and don't let anybody get you down. <3

@crackers1097 , thank you for being around my age and being a good sport when I make things awkward between us in skype chat.

@Snow_the_hunter , you're an AWESOME Nano mod and I'm extremely proud of how far you've come. You're not allowed to leave. Ever. <3

@Jagswag2014 , you're a pretty derpy derp and I'm glad we can still be friends even after...stuff. <3

@xinzaxx , I remember when I hated you from before I left when you trolled me so hard that Ar7ific1al had to kick you from the server because of my complaints. [Sorry, but that's something I'll never forget.] Then, I hated you even more when you BLEW UP MY FREAKEN HOUSE WITH A CREEPER ON CHOCO. But when I became mod and started talking to you in staff chat, you somehow changed my mind about you. I don't know how you did, but you grew on me. Thank you for not being the complete butthead I thought you were. <3

@kaileydancer17 & @kaylawilcoxen14 I'm sorry I ragequit on CS, so I don't really see you guys much anymore, but just know that I still love you and you're two pretty awesome people. c:

@Uu_VALKYRE_uU , I haven't seen you much lately but you're an extremely friendly and awesome person to be around. You're a FANTASTIC builder and I'm happy that we met. c:

@blobex , thank you for not stalking me down and touching my butt.

And also, @ElementWrath . He has been a great friend to me and he's there if I ever need a good laugh. He also lets me cake his builds. [Not like he really has a choice.] c:

I'm sure I missed people, but if any of you know me at all, then you know that I'm too lazy to type any more. For the rest of you, THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS COMMUNITY AWESOME!

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