The Great Jungle Exploration with Narbula and R3ali1ty


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Mar 24, 2014
Day 12: Decided to start documenting this trip. It's been so long since I've seen my home. R3ali1ty has grown a beard and I'm beginning to think the jungle biome no longer exists.

Day 13: Today we found a village. We looted it and we found 1 gold horse armor! But it was only one, so R3ali1ty and I are going to have to share it. I'm not sure if finding this jungle is going to be worth it anymore. I'm tempted to turn back but at the same time, I need coco beans and jungle tree saplings. I feel so homesick and I miss my horse. We travel by day, and by night we dig a hole in the ground or hide on the treetops. It's taking everything we have to survive this trip. I just hope I packed enough food.

Day 14: WE FOUND A JUNGLE! We want to make a tree house here, but we have to go home soon. We're going to stay in the jungle for a couple days and embrace the rainforest life. Climb and swing on vines, and swim in ponds with minimal clothing. I also found a jungle temple that we are going to start exploring when the sun comes up. I hope there's some good loot in there! We can't go back home empty handed.

Day 15: The loot in the jungle temple wasn't bad. Nothing too exciting though, but R3ali1ty found a saddle so that's good I suppose. I swam naked in a jungle pond and it felt nice. R3ali1ty pretended not to watch, but I know he did. Tonight it started raining, which is going to make the first day on our trip back a little more difficult. We're seeking shelter ontop of one of the highest jungle trees tonight. I can't wait to get back home to my horse, Polkahontas, and my snowwoman, Susan. They've been waiting for my arrival home for too many days now. I hope they're okay.

Day 16: Everything took an unexpected turn this morning. R3ali1ty died by a creeper and now I have to travel home by myself! I picked up all I could that he had on him and put it in my backpack. But my pack is already over-stuffed, so I couldn't grab much. I'm so far from home and I'm scared to be alone. I'm hiding in the ground tonight, and hoping the sun greets me warmly in the morning.

Day 17: I drove a boat across the ocean for most of the night, I'm almost home!

Day 18: I MADE IT HOME IN ONE PIECE! I get to sleep in a bed instead of on the ground of some hole or covered in leaves up in a tree! But R3ali1ty just told me he wants to go on another adventure soon...lets hope this one goes better.


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Jan 2, 2014
Arctic Biome
Day 13: 13 days and no sign of Jungle biomes. Are they extinct? Probably. I have the feeling that they are all gone.. and we are wasting our time. But we shall find out.. Even if it takes us 100 days. Anyway, today we reached almost 10000 blocks away from out house. Pretty insane in my opinion.

Day 14: O. M. G. A jungle biome! On the 14th day! How?! I thought it would take us about 100 days. But we almost didn't find it. Narbula led us to the right way and there we are! A jungle biome. Now.. We're gonna stay here a couple days, collect all the wood and cocoa beans and head back home. What a journey. I'm even thinking about staying here a bit longer and creating a big town on top of the trees. Who knows. I am feeling homesick and want to go home.. It's gonna take us a whole week to head back home so it'll be a pain.

Day 15: Day 15 was one of my favorite days. Very relaxing and calm. All we did was loot the Temple, bath in the fresh water of the Rain forest and enjoy the beauty of mother Nature. Such a wonderful day. Just thinking about tomorrow makes me sad. We're packing the bags and heading back home. I really like the Jungle, but we have to head home. Maybe some time in the future we could re visit and build a town! Anyway, heading to sleep in my leaf bed now. Brb.

Day 16: Pretty rainy day. Narbula and I had to leave this beautiful jungle. We are climbing a mountain and lightning started to show up. I hate lightning :c. It's also dark even though it's suppose to be daytime… *ssss* *Boop* R3ali1ty was blown up by a creeper.

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