The First Encounter (KSP)

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Dec 17, 2013
So this story is based on a battle in kerbal space programe that i set up.

A Long time ago, but somehow in the future, in a galaxy far far away, Jeb, Bill and Bob are enjoying a small straw of coffee with a packet of Quavers, when Jeb suddenly wants to go outside the KSS Spirit Of Kerbin.

"Jeb Come over and load off the rest of those missiles" bill exclaims
"not now you bumface, im playing with my MMU" Jeb furiously replies
*static* "G-***- Guys Ive picked up a large object moving at 206ms coming in close to your ship, you may want to take a look" 

*Jeb lifts his visor* 
"Erm bill, look ahead..." Jeb exclaims wildly 
"Guys what is it" bob asks " I've just been scrambled to take a look at some ship."

"Bill Go load the missiles, ill be out in my space suite in a few seconds." bob requests
"aye sir" bill replies
"Ill keep look for more of 'em" Jeb says.

*Bob suites up and undocks the fighter*

"bob, engage target when ready" Jeb orders

"this ships name is pretty cocky, "Missles 4 U"." Jeb

"so it is" Bob replies
*Begin Cruising Protocol" the autopilot orders

As the ion engines push the ship along at an entire 0.8 ms/ps bob really feels the extremely powerful push of ionized xenon.

"Shall i engage?" Bob Requests
"Teabag this mofo" Jeb replies in a very serious manner
*Missiles Away*

"It looks good, Jeb" Bob remarks
"Bill, get ready to pilot a drone in case its a bad hit." Bob adds 
*"Missile Detonation In 4 Seconds"* The Autopilot murmurs in a robotic, feminine voice.

*"3 Seconds"*
*"2 Seconds, Brace"*
"I hope its a hit, i want to get to my coffee." Bob tempts.

The faint whisper of gases hurtling by the fighter rings in Bobs ears. 
"Shall I Inspect the damage Jeb?" Bob bleats
"Go for it" Jeb Cheers.
"Oh Shit, there isn't any damage" Bob gasps "Its merely a scratch!"
*"Switching to impulse Motors"*
"Ill switch to impulse engines, and take a photo." bob examines "In the mean time, Bill, ready the Probes"

"Probes Ready Sir" Bill states 
"Jeb, Fire the probe while im coasting back" Bob pleads
"Bill, launch the probe." Jeb Orders
"Aye Sir"
*Jeb begins to pilot the probe and guide it into the target*

"Its looking good" Bill remarks
*Crosses stubby fingers*

"wow thats a big explosion, i can see it from here!" Bill remarks chuffedingly "I wonder what its explosive was"
"Wow, our probe still has control, just not to our frequency." Bob says
"What do you mean, not to our frequency" Jeb asks
"Shit, our probe has been hacked" Bob hisses

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Dec 17, 2013

*Self Destruct Protocol Initiated*
The probe begins to veer wildly, until the hacker that was controlling the other ship, regains full control.
"All we can do now, is hope that hes a bad shot" Jeb Enthusiastically replies.


"Its safe to come dock now Bob." Bill answers.
"Roger that" Bob replies

"Come join us for a straw of Coffee Bob." Jeb & Bill Ask
"Will Do" Bob exhaustively replies

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Dec 17, 2013
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