The Bridge of Drobeta


Dec 16, 2013
Craiova (Pelendava), Romania
Description: It is a huge bridge, 606 m long, linking the island where Pelendava is to the land. It has 4 HS railway lines (2 one way, 2 other way, automated with redstone), A train station at one end (complete with warning lights that tell if another cart is using that line). The other end doesn't have one, because it is temporary, until my next project starts. The bridge itself will be a direct, fast link between the two.
Origin: The idea came from the old Roman bridge that crossed the Danube river 2000 years ago, at the old location of the village Drobeta (today, Turnu Severin).
Side view before 2nd and 4th railways were added.

Underwater view. The pillars are solid stone, completely filled.

View from opposite end of the first image.

The half-built train station. Now it is complete.

From the point of view of someone traveling in a minecart on it.

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