TeamSpeak Awards


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
I had murphsauce complaining about connecting to teamspeak.
He had read over the information as I had directed him to /teamspeak.

So Ive tried to make it look simpler maybe, idk.  So at least I can see, we can see,  what step they are up to, in order to help them if we ever get to this point.

And so as I read the FAQ I saw this

  • If you become an active Teamspeak member, we'll give you a nice award to show off on the forums.

I mustve missed that point totally, as I will promote this more for TeamSpeak but, I do not know what criteria a player needs but to be active.

Is their amount of times measured or ?  idk   what else would a player need to be doing in order to be considerer active.  People can have diffreing versions of activeness.
 Your thoughts?


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Dec 16, 2013
Awards haven't really been worked on like they were going to be. Right now, I think we only have one award for being a developer. It'd be easy to set up; just need a 32x32? icon for the award, and I guess we could get someone who's on TeamSpeak all the time to give it out when they feel they deserve it. Not sure, though.

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