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Tazboi - Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Moderator Applications' started by Tazboi, Jun 15, 2017.

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  1. Tazboi

    Tazboi Guest

    I HAVE BEEN BANNED BEFORE. If you are considering vouching for me, please refer to my past bans/mutes via the links provided below this disclaimer. DO TAKE THE TIME TO READ OVER THEM. Please @misskoa @EbeeGirl @iessjca add to the list of those I may miss.

    Ban List (Links):

    Unless this post personally offends or appears to attack you, please keep criticisms purely constructional/positive in order to prevent toxicity within the thread. Thank you for adding criticism regardless and furthermore adhering to this request.

    General Questions

    What is your Minecraft name?

    What is your current rank on CraftBlock?
    Royal - I do not know what my survival rank equivalent stands as.
    What is your age bracket?
    Have you been an ACTIVE member of the CraftBlock Community for a minimum of 2 months?
    Why are you applying for Moderator?
    In light of a few things, including: an influx of potential new mods and ambassadors joining the team, having a multitude of changes of mind and attitude toward the community as a whole towards a positive outlook, and my belief that I can apply moderator experience from outside servers I've worked with (that have since shut down) to working.with the new wave of staff and ambassadors.
    How do you think you've demonstrated moderator qualities in your time with CraftBlock?
    On multiple occasions:
    - Helping new players better understand the command system, economy and method of the server. (I.E. Ranking up, rule set, family friendly policy, etc.)
    - Patience when dealing with players in need of greater assistance, stubborn players and larger issues
    - Critical thinking in server development/resourcefulness in preventing problems that have occurred in the past from happening again within a timely manner (I.E. /warn, "THE GAP" @Ebee using //regen, plugins to deal with those who ip bypass such as fu0)
    - Ability to relate and help soothe legacy players who may be adverse to current server status without being offended by criticisms
    - Diffusing of situations at which other players attempt to backseat moderate (which only escalates the issue)
    - (I may be able to add to this list tomorrow)
    On a scale of 1-5, how knowledgeable do you believe you are with regard to CraftBlock rules and regulations? (1 being not very, 5 being very)
    What country are you from?
    United States of America
    How long per day, in hours, would you be able to dedicate toward your moderator duties on CraftBlock?


    Scenario 1 - A group of players has joined the server at once (between 3-4) and have suspiciously moved into the survival world quite quickly. You decide to check on their activities and find they're griefing players builds as a group. How would you handle this situation and why?
    (Assuming /vanish and tp have already been accomplished)
    1.) Use /co i on griefed builds around the group to ensure that all of the names have been gathered for the whole effective group. Use of screenshots for ban reports.
    2.) Verbally warn the players by name to stop/that griefing is not allowed on the server. (Eg. <Player 1>, <Player 2>, <Player 3>. That is not yours. Why are you griefing it?" followed by "Griefing is not allowed on this server."
    3.) (Progression and/or in-chat trolling): /kick the the group, repeating "Griefing is disallowed on this server. Second warning." After they rejoin, reemphasize verbally that griefing is disallowed.
    4.) (Continuation to grief): /tempban from 1w-10y depending on severity of grief. (I do not know the exact parameters for ban times correlating to grief severity, as it has not been clarified to players of the server.)
    5.) /co r (rollback) for each individual whom participated in the griefing.

    Scenario 2 - A player (PlayerA) starts abusing another player (PlayerB) in chat over a personal situation between the pair. Being that abusing others is against CraftBlock's rules, what actions would you take to promptly halt any further conflict in server chat between these players?
    Preemptive note: Each course of action would be recorded for mute/bans if the situation escalates.

    1.) Determine that the situation is not already being diffused by another staff member. (Observation of public chat, or alternatively using /a if the situation was being dealt with privately.)
    2.) Communicated with other staff via /a that I will handle the situation.
    3.) Verbally (by this I mean typing) address Player A, telling them to stop their method of abuse in public chat. (Note: Not saying "Calm down, <playername>." as it could easily promote higher fighting between the two.)
    4.) In the situation where Player B is also abusing Player A, address them in the same manner Player A was addressed in -- avoid favoritism in a heated situation.
    5.) If either player continues, /warn the continuing player(s) under the reason "Please do not antagonize, warning 2 of 4," including a verbal warning to enunciate.
    5.) Under progression of the pattern, /mute for 5-20 minutes, depending on how heated the conversation is at the given point. Give verbal confirmation to this being a 3rd warning of 4.
    6.) /tempban 24h and upwards to 2w/permanent* based on stacked offensive. (E.g. spamming, disrespect of staff, *for situations where the player has no clear intention of coming back on the server, and whom shows to only care of trolling.)

    Scenario 3 - Whilst on the server one day, you notice that WorldGuard is showing a suspiciously large amount of valuable ores (eg diamond and Emerald) being mined by a player and investigate. You determine the player is using an X-Ray client modification after observing them for over 5 minutes. What steps would you take to stop this player from continuing to use these client modifications? Also, explain how you'd provide evidence in a ban report regarding this situation.
    Prior to analyzing for xray:
    - Ask within Admin chat (/a) to see whether the player is being dealt with
    - After confirmation, notify staff that I will be checking <playername> for x-ray

    Gathering Proof/Analyzing for X-Ray modification
    1.) Screenshot WorldGuard notifications for future Ban Report reference
    2.) Prior to teleport, utilizing /gm sp OR /v to ensure the player is unbeknownst of being watched.
    3.) After teleporting, analyze mining patterns, checking for:
    -odd/strange tunnels
    -lack of light sources
    -mining straight for ores without a clear strip-mine
    passage (via use of "/co i" at dead ends of tunnels or
    crevices in pathways)
    3.5.) (screenshot results of above step)
    4.) (If sufficient evidence not received to determine x-ray) Plant a few "diamond patches" (sets of 4-5 diamond ores) through a nearby chunk, and observe how the player moves their camera directionally relative to the diamonds (screenshot if outcome is positive).
    5.) As warnings/kicks are not adhered to, screenshot/record within Ban Report.
    6.) Within public Ban Report, keep proof of x-ray in as little number of screenshots as possible to keep from over-explanation. However, in cases that may appear indeterminable, add screenshots to elaborate on proof.
    7.) Provide screenshot album within Bans/Mutes, ordered from first taken to last taken (to show steps used).

    Steps to prevent the continued usage of x-ray:
    1.) /warn the player to turn off x-ray, remove mined ores from the player's inventory.
    2.) If the player continues to use x-ray, use /kick "Please turn off x-ray. 2nd warning." Remove mined ores from the player's inventory.
    3.) If the player continues from this point, /tempban the player ranging from 3d - 2w based on player's use of x-ray'd materials prior to being analyzed for x-ray. (This period was determined by referring to time periods of @Death0logy's x-ray bans)
    4.) Prior to making Ban Report, ensure that other issues are attended to.

    Skype - Do you have a Skype account?

    Skype - As this is one of the more important communication tools in CraftBlock and if you answered yes to the previous question, How active would you be able to be in Staff group conversations?
    Very Active
    Teamspeak - Do you use Teamspeak?
    Teamspeak - Would you be able to actively use this communication medium during your time as Moderator?
    Yes - Often

    Edit" I do understand that there would easily be quite an adversity to this thread, mostly considering my past actions and attitudes towards other players in mods. Giving something as simple as a "sorry" would not satisfy the healing process needed for some of the more extreme wounds I caused in a select few of the staff members that remain current today. Please do not overlook my past inclinations regarding the server, but instead reflect on how I've changed.
    #1 Tazboi, Jun 15, 2017
    Last edited by a moderator: Jun 15, 2017
  2. PoptartNation

    PoptartNation Member

    Jul 26, 2015
    Likes Received:
    I have known taz for awhile now and haven't ever really seen him be serious about anything. The past few days on the forums with his warning post and now his moderator application have shown me a different side of him. He seems very motivated and sincere. I vouch
    Tazboi and EbeeGirl like this.
  3. KittiePai

    KittiePai The littlest cut can leave the biggest scar.

    Apr 10, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I cannot vouch simply because I don't know you all that well.
    I've ever had any sort of issue with you I see you as a generally nice player.
    I just can't blindly vouch. With that being said good luck taz!
  4. xxCaptain621xx

    xxCaptain621xx oH sNaP iT'S a CAPt!!!1!!!!!!1! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    Supporter Crafter

    Apr 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Well for starters, you aren't exactly on the server a lot.
    But, this application is very long and detailed and everything seems to be filled out correctly.
    You were banned a couple of times, but yeh
    Vouch pending for now.
  5. Techno

    Techno That creepy guy in the corner
    Supporter Crafter

    Sep 25, 2014
    Likes Received:
    You've been around for a long time, you can be nice and you can be rude, just like anyone else. You seem a lot more mature as of late, so I'm not gonna give you shit over your bans or your outbursts, the past stays in the past.

    I will say that being a mod requires activity on both the forums and the server. I rarely see you on either, and when I do see you, you're not really helping or harming anyone, you're just kinda there.

    I'm gonna say vouch pending for the moment.
  6. Bradley

    Bradley Intentional
    Supporter Crafter

    Feb 10, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I vouch, despite Tazboi's past, now he has appeared to be much more mature/respectful, rather than having similar past out bursts. He generally seems sincere about his past mistakes, and of recently, he has helped keep chat at a tame level.
  7. DeltaBeetle

    DeltaBeetle Well-Known Member
    CB Mod Crafter

    May 29, 2016
    Likes Received:
    I agree, this app is loaded with detail, and if you don't get accepted with Mod, I'd try amby :)
    zom999_playz likes this.
  8. Scaramucci

    Scaramucci White House Communications Director

    May 8, 2017
    Likes Received:
    I vouch because you have seemed more helpful lately (and for other reasons too).
  9. Solow7

    Solow7 Active Member

    Feb 18, 2014
    Likes Received:
    I've known Taz for awhile, and as of late I've noticed more maturity and more activity on the server. I love seeing him online and hope to keep seeing him as someone who can really help the server out. I definitely vouch for Taz! Best of luck!
  10. iKraxus

    iKraxus richest guy on the server :P

    Jan 9, 2015
    Likes Received:
    OMG OMG OMG OMG iv known tazboi for some years and i think you have matured in a good way "like a bottle of red wine" \o/ vouch from me o/

    P.S just done fuck it up \o/
    Tazboi likes this.
  11. EbeeGirl

    EbeeGirl The Banner Queen

    Dec 28, 2015
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