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Dec 16, 2013
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PvP Arenas
You can now help set up pvp arenas.
Setting up a pvp arena:
- Type //wand
- Use the wooden axe and slect the pos 1 and pos 2 (just like world edit)
- Next, if necessary, type //expand vert

Then we need to define the area.
- Type for example /rg d sunarena1 _SunDust_
- Type /rg f sunarena1 pvp allow

Note: The pvp wont work if the pvp is off in a towny town. Mayors can /t toggle pvp if they want the pvp enabled in the arena. PvP will not be enabled anywhere else but in the area. PvP can be toggled off in individual plots. On top of this, Towny lets you set a plot to be an arena plot, enabling PvP in that plot. Multiple adjacent plots can be set to arena plots to make a larger arena.

Town Applications
You can help out with accepting Town Applications. It's pretty easy.

Check out the town apps forum:
And the Official Town Guidelines:
  • Go to the app, read it.
  • Make sure the app itself is complete.
  • Warp to the town and check it out. The board is important, make sure the Town is organized with a pathway. And the unique structure needs to be more then a house, or a small shop.
  • Also make sure the town doesn't just have 3-4 builds in it like small houses. It needs to look like the town owners are progressing it. If it just looks to simple of a town, ask them to spend another week on the town and then bump the thread when it's time.
  • Go to the coords where the requested spawn should be. /setwarp TownName after.
  • Go to Town Hall and place a warp next to the other town warps. [warp] should be placed on top of the sign and the town name below it.

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