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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Solow7
Temporary or Permanent:temp 30 min
Incident:Use of coloured text, was confusing many players in the chat. When told to stop serveral times , he made the excuse "its fun" and carried on doing and one too many times for my liking. he private msged me if he could to kawohi. I had already told him to stop. and this asking to do it again show no respect to what I had first said. He still went along and did it regardless of what I said.
Witnesses:halodudejake, monochromepony, chiplover2,
Previous Actions:
Simular immature behaviour
Other Notes:
As much as a good builder he might be, I dont think he thought much about everyone in the chat, or took into consideration the reaction of others.  He saw they asked him to stop - yet at the expense of seeing these players confused and asking him to stop, it egged him on to do it more.

Notice has come back tom me that he went on civ and started bragging about being banned on main.  this is also unacceptable.

Solow we wont tolerate this behaviour.

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