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Dec 15, 2013
User(s) Banned: Slimedog007
Victim(s): Chat, others previously
Temporary or Permanent: Temporary, 7 days
Incident: Spamming the chat
Witnesses: R3al1ty, Narbula, _SunDust_... everyone online basically
Previous Actions: Staff, see this warning for which I can vouch personally - I witnessed much of it via console :p
Screenshots: See "Other Notes"

Other Notes:
Console Log said:
6:18:02 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuc
6:18:06 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuc
6:18:08 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuc
6:18:09 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuc
6:18:10 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:10 PM Trusted: R3ali1ty: Slimedog007
6:18:10 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:11 PM Trusted: R3ali1ty: no
6:18:11 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:12 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] *[Mod] Narbula: Dtop spamming, Slimedog007
6:18:12 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:12 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:13 PM Builder: Slimedog007: fuct
6:18:15 PM Trusted: R3ali1ty: -_-
6:18:16 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] Narbula issued server command: /kick Slimedog007 Stop.
6:18:17 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] Slimedog007 lost connection: user was kicked.
6:18:17 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] Slimedog007 lost connection: Stop.
6:18:17 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] Slimedog007 has left the game.
6:18:17 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] 6Playerc Narbula 6kicked Slimedog007 for Stop..
6:18:20 PM CONSOLE: [INFO] CONSOLE issued server command: /tempban slimedog007 7d

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