Important Shutting Down WBC & Starting ForgeBlock - A New Creative Server


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Dec 15, 2013
Our Bi-Weekly Build Competitions server has served us well. It's been fun watching people attend competitions and watch them explore their creativeness in every theme we've set out.

But today, we're going to turn to a new chapter and try our hands at building an actual creative server. With WBC shutting down, we'll be able to focus on starting a new project - - ForgeBlock.

ForgeBlock will have its own unique system. It's not going to be a normal creative server, where you can just join it and build in creative. While that will be possible, the main focus on the server will be about players working together on projects, and a rank system that promotes workers & leaders.

Leaders can create projects, and workers are those who help build. A productive worker, in the eyes of a leader can be promoted, and if they work hard enough can become a leader to work on their own projects. In between getting promoted to workers, and leaders, is a auto-ranking system. The more you contribute to projects, the more your stats can go up to get promoted to more ranks, until you reach Leader status, where you'll be placed in a whole different ranking system.

Before the server starts, we'll be looking for a few initial leaders. So stay tuned for when we're ready to announce that. We'll probably will select a few designers and royals to help get us started.

As far as WBC goes, we're not done with it completely. It was hard to maintain, and with a small admin team, it was becoming increasingly harder with us keeping it up. We're hoping once we expand our admin team, we can someday bring back what was once WBC.

I'd also like to take a look at the WBC builds and bring some to the spawn city. Perhaps bring all of the winning builds as a way to showcase how amazing WBC was.

That's all guys. We'll announce when ForgeBlock is comes, and when we're ready to take in initial leaders.

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