Dec 16, 2013
Craiova (Pelendava), Romania
It is inspired by the old citadel-city of my ancestors (Sarmizegetusa Regia, or the short form Sarmis, Regia means "City of kings", but the meaning of Sarmizegetusa or the pronunciation in ancient Dacian is unknown), built on the top of a mountain, almost impenetrable at the time because of the terrain making catapults hard to use and high walls. It was where they fought the last battle against the Romans in 106. Unfortunately, because of a betrayal, the battle was lost in spite of the incredible tactical advantage. The Dacian king, a man who united for the second time the tribes (there may have been more that did so in the past, but they are not recorded in history), was forced to retreat North, but was later betrayed again and decapitated. The betrayals are said to have happened because some ex-tribe leaders wanted power for themselves and made a deal for it with the Romans.
I'm a bit sad that I haven't managed to complete this before the reset, but here is what I have done so far:

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