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CB Admin
Jul 10, 2015
Since I have seen a few griefs lately I guess I will make some rules.

The whole server

1. No griefing!

2. No stealing!

3. If you are having PvP with someone, make sure to give back their stuff.

4. If a creeper explodes and breaks someone's building, FIX IT!

5. Don't be annoying and spamming the chat (I can accept some but if you are going to spam for a minute it will be some problems for you ). I accept some swearing, but remember that it's not something you should do.

6. Do not make huge mob farms that could potentially lag the people around you or the server.

7. No advertising.

Prank wars

Since some people (*looking at @sayolo and @AmirAti *) Have started Prank wars our server too I guess I will make some rules for that too.

1. No TNT, Fire and Lava if it's not a 100% safe prank. Like TNT in water won't destroy buildings.

2. If you don't leave a sign for who did it it will count as grief, depending on what kind of prank it is.

If there is anymore rules you think should be added here PM me or tell me if you see me online on a server :)
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