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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:RevengeMLGpro
Temporary or Permanent:temp 3 days
Incident:He joines the server ak if anyone wants t joinhis town and also ask if they have stone bricks.  Later I tp to him mining diamonds.  I remove some of his diamonds. I think he is a little confused as to why he hadnt as much diamonds in his inventory.  He does nothing but goes home. I observe him but he does nothing. I leave him to tend to another player mining dioamonds who ends up getting banned.  bout 30 minutes laters he is mining diamoinds again i go to him he mines one lot i remove some and see hoim go to another 2 clumps of diamonds. I kick him and warn him. He returns and admits. then carrys on to mine more diamonds in another area. So then after his kick and warning I banned him.
in screenshots.
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