Repeated Griefing - Glowing_Colors


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Glowing_Colors
 Victim(s):Slyguy and many others who have already laid a complaint 
against him (see previous notes)
 Temporary or Permanent:Permanent
 Infraction:Griefing - placing lava in Slys home with out his permission.  
This report is also combining the other reports against his name.  
Enough is enough.
 Witnesses:chat, /co i, slyguy, myself _SunDust_
 Previous Actions:
if the above doesnt work then-
Screen shots show the conversation and co i witness

 Other Notes: This player has had more then enough chances to learn not 
to grief other people on the server.  As you can see in the conversation 
he obviously didnt care whether he had griefed or not.  We dont need 
players like this on the server.

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