CraftBlock Removed VIP Rank


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Dec 15, 2013

After 7+ years (including the server CB was based on), I decided to remove the VIP rank.

VIP had one meaning, you were a special friend of mine. Either I thought you was really cool and deserved some type of higher rank, or you've been here since day one. It was a rank that only 45 players had, a rank that I almost never gave out.

I came to the realization recently that maybe it was time to let VIP go. Most of the VIPs don't participate in the community anymore, and when they do, it's only for a few hours and they disappear for a few more months.

VIP became less of a special rank, and more of a "Hey, here's a top tier rank for you even though you don't participate in the community anymore. Hope to see you next year!"

So, as of today, VIP on CraftBlock is no more.

I still adore my old friends that come on time to time, but if they want a higher rank, they'll need to participate in the community. (Or support us)


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