PvP & Mob Arena


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
Here I go again pondering things.. Lol

So I was reading the mob arena app area, and pondering the pvp battles we had the other day.  

I had lots of people sending me tp request, I didn't mind as I wanted as many people who wanted to join be involved. But what would make it easier is maybe having a place where people could come to go to the pvp arena themselves.

Like a mini game area where people can click the sign to go to certain arenas
The mob arenas is ok they can type the command but pvp arenas they could 
1.   /t spawn town name and pay money then have to look for the arena

2. Be tped there.

I think it would be nice to use and appreciate other players pvp arenas.

I have a ctf arena only thing is I haven't quite worked how to allow outsiders to steal the wool from the opposing teams pole to place it next to ltheirs.i have the arena above the town, and if I made it into an arena, I wondered if the town homes below might get affected.


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Dec 15, 2013
To help with your CTF arena, if it's in a Towny town, I believe you can set the individual plot permissions to allow outsiders to build. But you'll likely run into problems with players griefing the arena.

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