Problem Solving - Mending Relationships within the community.


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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
We are all growing and progressing in experience, its a lifelong process. During this time we all make mistakes need to do our best go try fix them. 

Sometimes we make mistakes because of ignorance, sometimes because of our weaknesses, and sometimes because of willful rebelliousness. 

Nevertheless it requires great courage, much strength, for some many tears, and untiring efforts to make good choices.

So here are a 6 steps that can help you get back on track and fix errors of the past.

1. Recognising our mistakes
Admit to ourselves that we have done something wrong.  If we do not admit this, we cannot fix our problem.

2. Feeling sorry 
In addition to recognising our mistakes, we must feel a sincere sorrow for what we have done. Feel terrible for what we've done wrong and want to get rid of that burden.

3. Dont repeat the wrong
Our sincere sorrow should lead us to stop from repeating the wrong. If we have stolen something, we will steal no more. If we have lied, we will lie no more,  we will stop. 

4. Confess our mistakes
Confessing our mistakes is very important. Confession relieves a heavy burden from the person who has wronged.  We should confess to the person we have injured. For some, we do this through our appeals, for others in the chat, or privately.

5. Righting the wrong
Part of fixing our mistakes is to right the wrong as much as possible.  For example, a thief should give back what he has stolen. A liar should make the truth known. A griefer should replace the things he griefed, and leave the place the same way as he found it.

6. Forgive others
A vital part of fixing our mistakes is to forgive those who have wronged against us. How can others forgive us if we cant forgive others? If our hearts are full of hate, bitterness, and bad feelings against other people it's a pit we choose to leave ourselves in.

If you choose to follow these steps, you would be helping yourself which in turn helps the community as a whole.

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