[Poetry] Philosophical Thoughts


Dec 16, 2013
Windstad Manor, Skyrim, Tamriel
I cling to that which fills me with rage
I cling to that which fulls me with awe
I cling to that which I love the most
I cling to that which I cannot have

I cling to Logic
I cling to the universe
I cling to family
I cling to peace

I hold to what I find the most 
I hold unto the world, which I cannot bear
I hold fast to the rope of my knowledge
I fall

I hear them calling, crying
I hear them pleading for me to know
I know not
I know of, but not
I know not of this world
I know nothing but life

Life follows
Death finds
Love attacks
Depression sieges
Happiness infects
Laughter wants
I do not follow
I do not find
I do not attack
I do not siege
I cannot infect
I do not want

Words string together loosely
Words are yet the strongest of tides
They move like the air, but strike like the blade
The blade pierces and scars
The words attack

Thoughts fill into minds of those who do not think
The thoughts think for them
Forcing them to act
Forcing them to follow
Forcing them to attack
Forcing them to siege

I know not, I cannot, I do not, I am forced, but I live

For what?
For why?
For who?
For when do I act?

I cling to much, but hold not. I am not logic nor power.

Ah I am blind and deaf and mute.

Why should I exist if I am so?

I am not?
I am?
I should be?
I will be?
I was?

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