Official Arsehole
Dec 16, 2013
I'll let you know when I find myself
I cry tears you can't see
Inside my brain, you will never be
I need some time to rehabilitate
But for now I'm forced to say "Just friends is great."

I live differently when you watch
More elegant, funny, and I turn up my personality a notch
I am my best in front of you
But you treated my love like a bug, and crushed it with a shoe.

You were my hero, my light in the dark
My cost guard, when I was about to meet head-on with a shark
You were my beau, my only one
But now I suppose it's all gone...

Just a poem I wrote :p. We had the last dance of the year and this is my last year at this school. So I confessed my love for her then... *gets smacked by friend zone* *long, exasperated sigh* *sad face* *asterisks* 
P.S. Not making this to sound selfish or over-emotional. My favorite way of coping with these kinds of things is via writing.

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