pictures from builds from other servers. WITH SHADERS


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Apr 29, 2014
Here is a few pictures from builds on other servers i did or was apart of in someway or just look cool.

Majority (for this post all of them) come from a old server called Destinycraft. Saddly the server is now gone along with the projects.

My main home (diamond). This was used as a chill hub for people along with being a great pvp arena as. A popular set up was to set the people in different corners and give them ender pearls. The arena prove popular but was not used much as I was on my way out of minecraft along with the lack of action on the server.

Note the fact the thing was so big the server would not let me load enough chunks in this pic.. this was on my desktop before obtaining my laptop.

This is the view from the inside.. The diamond on craftblock is about 2/3 or less the size of this thing.. this is 200 or more stacks of glass. Best PVP arena ever.

The project i was working on before leaving minecraft.. i have no idea what i was going for with this project. But i was happy building it so i was doing something right :p

This is a picture of the fountain at spawn. I did not build this (Lelo and Sir did) but i did give a bit advice and what not. This is one of my fav things on the server and always wanted to build one for my self.

A picture of the PVP towers at the spawn exit. Again not made by me.
The Donor section of spawn. This was made by Sir. Always love the lighting in this room and chilled in here often.
Another cool picture of the same thing.


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Dec 16, 2013
Michigan, USA
Well done! Good stuff, Friend. I like these projects. Keep adding more screenies of stuff that you build.

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