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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:Origodim
Victim(s):Server chat, lostfan815
Temporary or Permanent:temp 1 day
Incident:Causing a stirr with lost, and arguing in the chat, banned for trolling. When I saw he was getting verbally agressive I told him to calm down - as you can see in the chat he told me no sun.   So then I proceeded to mute him.   Left him for a while and he started complaining why wasnt lost muted.  I unmuted him then he started on me.  Justifying and rationalising his words, twisting things around.  He was not respectful. I told him to stop, to the point of stop talking to me. I wanted my time out from him but he didnt relise this and kept answering back
I muted him again - but that didnt stop his fingers from sending a private message.  By then Id had enough of his pestering and banned him 1 day. The other players certainly felt the same
Witnesses:Cactus and other names in the screen shot.
Other Notes:

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