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Dec 16, 2013
New Zealand
User(s) Banned:NevaeHxHeavan
Victim(s):_SunDust_, other players on the server, paigepalmieri, oownai.
Temporary or Permanent:temp 3 days
Incident: All explained in the server chat.  Basically nevae wanted help about making a town. I told him how much he nned to make one and where to go and learn more about making a town.  well he didnt want to do that. He wanted someone to type out and explain the basics to him.  I didnt think that was necessary as he could of just read about it himself on the wiki where i was trying to direct him to. But He would have none of it.  Called me mean and a bunch of other insults cause he wasnt getting his way.  I called him lazy and the rest is history.
Witnesses:Server chat and vitims named above
Previous Actions:
Sorry images little out of order at the bottom part
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