NariCake & officerspook


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Dec 16, 2013
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User(s) Banned:NariCake & officerspook
Victim(s):All in the server chat
Temporary or Permanent:tempban 30minutes.
Incident: I joined the server, I see officer nutting off at Amir over something clearly upsetting him. I tp to Amir and ask in admin chat whats going on. Amir explains that panda had placed some things and Nari wanted them moved. It appeared they were clearly upset over a few blocks in the way. I cheked when the player was last online. He was last online a day ago. I told Nari there no need to make a big fuss over it. I told her /co i, get the name of the player, then send a /mail send [name] [messge] to panda asking him to remove it. There was no other unsettling here as I assumed Nari was taking care of it with a mail to the owner of the blocks.

Officer on the other hand made a disrectful comment in the chat. I asked whom he was directing it at as it seemed like he was directing it at me. [/font]
Officer choose not to answer me. I asked him again.
Next thing things snowballed out of control with nari making comments and rune getting frustrated in the chat from the arguing thats been happening he piped up and made disrespectful comments as well.

Previous Actions:

Other Notes:Nari, I understand you might be facing some family issues at this time, many players have their family issues.
But the public chat on the server is not a place for you to express your frustrations out through things happening on the server.

The issue with panda can be easily resolved. So I hope yo send him a message or leave a sign there
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Jun 25, 2014
Man... I read all of it, wow (All of the screenshots)

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