Narbula is going to be in /vanish for the next day or two.


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Mar 24, 2014
So, I thought I'd tell everyone that I'm not going to be very helpful for the next day or two. My boyfriend just left for Japan this morning because he's in the Navy. He's going to be in Japan for 3 years. This whole thing has just been really hard on me and I just feel like building away my feelings and not crying. This doesn't mean I'm going to completely ignore everyone. If I see someone griefing or misbehaving, obviously I'm going to do something about it. I'm just not going to be doing the little things like, "Oh no, I lost my horse because I was on it and I did /home!" or "How do I tame a cat?" and things like that. I've already talked to Avox about it and she said it was okay, so I hope you all understand. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Edited thread because I like the little green bug icon.

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