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Dec 16, 2013
Donating Terms & Agreement (Read! It's important!): 
When you purchase a rank, you'll have it for life. We'll never reset or take away your rank unless you abuse it!. As long as you follow our Donors Code of Conduct and rules, you should be fine. However, if you do break a rule, we can demote you to a lower rank, completely remove your donor perks, or ban you, depending on the situation. Donors have no exceptions to our rules. 

No refunds, whatsoever. You've donated to support our server and allow us to grow. You were nice enough to donate to help us out, why would you want a refund? 

Make sure to read our Donor's Code of Conduct. It's a set of rules for our Donors to follow. If you break one of them, you could lose your rank. These rules are to keep our server fair & fun for everyone. 

[package id=98071 name=Uranium Rank price=$5.99 about=]
  • Join when the server is full!
  • Access to /top and /thru!
  • All Explorer rank perks.
  • 3000 Extra Claim Blocks!
  • and much more!

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