My views on griefing


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Dec 20, 2013
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Yes, we all know them; those little jerks that come on, destroy everything you work for, and then look for something else to destroy. We call them griefers. But are all of them really that bad?
I griefed once. Not on this server, but I have.
The town animal farm was closed, and I was hungry for some steak. I couldn't wait too long. I had to use my emergency plan. So, I mined away some of the wall, closed it back up, mated the cows, killed the extras, opened then closed the wall again, then left.
I felt like a ninja. I was so... So rebellious! Accomplished! Like a BAWS!
Then I was tempbanned for 2 days... Lol.
I had no idea how they found out. None. My plan was flawless (or so it seemed)! They said they had logs, but I didn't know they were this sensitive... 
Well, now I'm in the position that I was fighting against on that server, and it's like looking through a window of time. That's my 12-year-old self down there. No, look at that, they're doing the EXACT same things I did!
What's my lesson here? Well, I have 2.
The first one: just don't grief. We'll find out, no matter how stealthy you are. Donators, Ambassadors and Mods alike have our buddies /co i on us to check what you're doing. There's no point in it, really. 
My second one: if you see a griefer that hasn't read this (which is prolly almost all of them), and they take a few blocks to bypass a door or a gate, don't think for a second that we're going to permaban them. If we do that, then they'll never come back. They're probably nice people too. If I was permabanned, then I'd prolly never find this server. I'd just go cry in a corner, never to touch Minecraft again.
They'll learn with a tempban. If they're good people, anyway. They won't come back if they aren't. And good riddens to them. But they're missing out on a lot :D.

Btw, this is about those griefs that are less than 10 blocks (which is most of them). Someone that destroys a house or an entire structure should probably be permabanned (because we know that their intentions aren't the best).


Dec 16, 2013
Or if its unintentional and only a few blocks maby a kick will do :3 lol


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Dec 16, 2013
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This is exactly what i aim to fight for. On Nanoblock at least, trying to get up the ranks for a shot at Trial Mod, because i believe that my choices on what to do are the right thing. Perm Banned for breaking like what, 10 blocks and a torch is just unfair, and downright mean. On other servers i play on (Im not advertising, just pointing something out) i am moderator on there, fighting for the right thing, and always making the right decisions against griefing and other crimes (even tho they arent crimes at all).

I aim to do the same once i get Moderator or Trial Moderator on at least 1 out of the three servers we have. To fight against griefing, and be the best moderator, and the most trusted for guidence against trouble.


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Dec 16, 2013
One time, my friend natester115 got accused for griefing his own room of the house we lived in! His own room!

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