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issa lking
Dec 16, 2013
Been meaning to write something like this up. Here it goes.

Hey guys! I've been meaning to write something like this up.. a little thanks to everyone who helped my to where I am now. :D

@Ben4900 - One of the first friends I made on CraftBlock. I showed him the server a while ago, and he got me back into playing it after I just bored of minecraft. I wouldn't be where I am without him.

@Omega_Shenron - First guy I met and socialized with. I was really timid when I first joined, and this guy came right up to me and greeted me. This shows that some people really are social over the internet. ;)

@mths - Heh, I remember meeting this guy. He was a trial mod when I first joined... he was super friendly and managed to answer all my annoying questions. XD

@IshrkI - Great guy. Really enjoy playing with him and talking.

@ale700 , @plusNick and @mudsplash325 - When I joined Nano (Tekkit at the time) I had no idea what the heck I was doing. These guys really helped me understand the mods.

@JagSwag2014 - Really fun listening to his rants; 10/10. Also a great guy to talk to on  TeamSpeak.

@crackers1097 - This guy helped me start my first town and helped me through a lot of times that I was greifed. I thank you for that. ;D

@Marshal_Blades - Really great friend that I've played with over the months.

As well as all the owners for making this community what it is.

And last but not least... everyone else! Thanks for running such an amazing minecraft community. It's the only reason I still play minecraft, as you guys are so amazing! :D

Don't feel offended if I didn't mention you by name! I still Think of all of you as my friends!



Dec 16, 2013
xD! I'm the only thank without a fancy name tag. Oh well. You're more than welcome @Lking846! I enjoyed helping you. Its always nice to get people into modded Minecraft.


Feb 8, 2014
[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]@[/font][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]crackers1097 [CB Mod][/font][font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif] - This guy helped me start my first town and helped me through a lot of times that I was greifed. I thank you for that. ;D[/font]
[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]My memory seems to fade from me. I do, however, recall your town needing a lot of work! Especially when it came to griefing, most of those low-rank towns have some bad initial griefs :p[/font]
[font=Tahoma, Verdana, Arial, sans-serif]Glad to see you stuck around, too, especially considering so many people I'd have loved to see advance have left.[/font]

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