My Name's Jam, Let's Make It Worth Your While


Dec 1, 2018
United States
User name: jamworth519

Introduction Title: My Name's Jam, Let's Make It Worth Your While

In-game name?: jamworth519

Ranks?: I don't pay any attention. Oops!

When did you join CraftBlock?: A week or so ago.

Favorite Player?: I don't talk much.

Favorite staff?: misskoa. Only staff I really know.

Favorite block & why?: Quartz. Perfect for the avant garde houses. Expresses perfect creativity for me. I can build small or large houses with these glorious blocks.

Other Favorite Games Sid Meier's Civilization V. InstLife. Pokémon on some occasions.

Favorite character of your favorite game and why?: N.

Pet Peeves: I'm not putting my thoughts on this one.

Favorite Animals & Why?: All of them. All animals deserve the same amount of love. <3

Hobbies/Job?: About to restart skateboarding and starting longboarding. Playing bass and soon to play guitar.

What else would you like to tell us?:<br><br> I'm teaching myself how to scream (deathcore, metalcore. Bring Me The Horizon style screams). I'm very wild and weird, I am controlled by an extremely apathetic and imaginative head and I care not about others, or really for myself; I am just "whatever, and whatever happens, happens".
Some random facts:
  • I'm an Agnostic and I practice Transcendental Meditation and learning about Mindfulness.
  • I'm vocal about mental illness, and I am open to talk to anyone if needed.
  • I'm generally quiet on the server, unless I am in a conversation with someone.
  • Finally, you'll never know who I truly am. I am not open about myself, only certain things.
See you around sometime. (Maybe.)

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